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Community Relations

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This research is about finding out the status of the relationship existing between the Police force and the public community at present The betterment of this relationship is beneficial to all hence focus should be given on tracing out reasons for its deterioration and proposing ways to improve it . The describes the need for such a research , proposes research hypotheses , data collection methods , data analysis methods and finally , a sample of the survey instrument Justification

According to the Chambers English Dictionary , Police are the body of men and women employed by the government of a country to catch criminals prevent crime , keep public and see that laws are obeyed . This suggests that there should be a bonding between the Police force and the people they are supposed to protect . However , there have been many cases of disputes between the general public and the Police force

There are various laws existing which protect the Police force However , the Police sometimes take undue advantage of these laws . As a result of these laws , an officer who abuses his authority and is disciplined can enjoy a long career by making use of the protections that are available and even transfer from one department to another without fear that information in his /her personnel will be transmitted . Legal and political protection of Police officers has been effective too often in protecting those who use force excessively and are liabilities to their departments and the public they serve . The shooting of a homeless woman who threatened an officer with a screwdriver and the shooting of an innocent , unarmed Black man in his own apartment lobby illustrate just how far the law has come to support senseless shootings by armed officers . The defenses raised to protect officers who engage in wrongdoing are ruining the credibility of the vast majority of officers who are dong a good job (Persily , 2000

Also , The Los Angeles Police Department has been in crisis . Evidence has been accumulating that its anti-gang CRASH Unit has been out of control for several years with the knowledge , silent acquiescence , and sometimes active support of its supervisors and administrators (California Association of Human Relations Organization , 2000

Such incidents have raised the need to find out exactly what the… [banner_entry_footer]

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