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Volunteerism has been one of the major facets of our society , all throughout the nation volunteers had become the backbone for delivering programs that lead to successful development of community services However , what motivates individuals to become volunteers and continue doing so had been attributed to a lot of factors . Just what these factors are will be discussed further in this

People are motivated by a number of personal and social factors to volunteer or perform in community service . This is supported by a number of studies [banner_entry_middle]

that examined the motivation of students to engage in and continue doing volunteer work . A study by Hedrick (1983 ) in which volunteers at a mental health center were queried , it was found that the three most important motivators of volunteerism were that the task was seen as important , it was enjoyable and interesting and that the volunteers had a good supervisors or leader . Another study that investigated the top four reasons for volunteering of university students were : It gives me a good feeling or sense of satisfaction to help others I am concerned about the less fortunate than me The people I meet and friendships I make with other volunteers ‘ and I would hope someone would help me or my family if I /we were in similar situations . Moreover , in Serow ‘s (1991 ) survey of college student volunteers , over half reported that gaining a sense of satisfaction from helping others , becoming involved through another activity , and feeling that one has a duty to correct societal problems were important aspects of their participation in community service

It can be deduced that the reasons for volunteering include the need for achievement , need for recognition and personal growth as among the personal factors of volunteerism behavior , on the other hand bringing about social change , bringing back something to society and the friendship , support , bonding and a feeling of belongingness are part of the social factors involved in volunteering Comp I Page 2

Individuals who volunteered their time and effort to community service had the need to accomplish something – to see direct results form one ‘s personal effort , and that many kinds of achievement could result in satisfaction . Consequently , achievement can be its own reward but in some individuals , recognition of their work is necessary . This can be a personal word of thanks , a specific feedback of what the volunteer achieved . Personal growth is also one of the reasons individuals have for volunteering . This include , discovering new skills and capabilities learning more about yourself and other people or overcoming personal challenges

One of the reasons for volunteering covered by the social aspect includes the desire to bring about social change and giving something back to society . It is through volunteering that individuals feel that they can contribute to the community , it gives them a sense of satisfaction that what they do can help the larger community . For some volunteers , the human factor is paramount in volunteering , making and meeting friends , having social… [banner_entry_footer]

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