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Compar and contrast websites Education based ELL students

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Lesson plan as defined is a written document used in planning a presentation (for more details see Google ‘s website ) It is a way of noting the method of delivery , and the specific goals and timelines associated to the delivery of lesson content (for more details see Google ‘s website ) One of the s that English Language Learners are focusing is the proper pronunciation of words

As per the lesson planning done by Carol Rueckert , she believes that ESL students are not troubled with grammar but with proper pronunciation and making sense [banner_entry_middle]

of idioms (for more details see ESL Lesson Plan ‘s website The method that is used in the lesson planning is through the old standard which is tongue twisters . There are varieties of these that can be found in the web . It could be fun and challenging . The length and difficulty of these will depend on the level of students . Having this activity is also a great filler if there is no schedule done for a certain day (for more details see ESL Lesson Plan ‘s website ) The materials that you need are just a web or book where you can find s of tongue twisters , board , chalk or pen and students who will read the tongue twister that you wrote on the board . Students can read and repeat it several times as a whole group and then individually . Through this method , it helps the students to express the word correctly and properly by encouraging them to overcome their shyness and sticking their tongue out properly (for more details see ESL Lesson Plan ‘s website ) It is found out that Asian ESL learners are having difficulty in pronouncing words with th (for more details see ESL Lesson Plan ‘s website

Another procedure is through dictation which is sometimes referred as a writing activity . But then , it is really more on a language activity Although it said that it is a teacher-centered and outmoded procedure it can be useful if done sensitively (for more details see TEFL .net ‘s website ) There are different disadvantages of dictation that were addressed in this kind of method . It is said that dictation is time consuming . But it will be time consuming if correction is done word by word (for more details see TEFL .net ‘s website ) The texts that should be used in dictation do not have to be long . It should be done phrase by phrase . It is said to be unrealistic , but it should not be done in a verbatim way . Also , it is believe to be mechanical . It might be true in a sense but it could be more appropriate to say that dictation is accurate because it requires concentration and thought . Dictation involves listening , writing or spelling , reading or pronunciation grammar and vocabulary . Materials used are limitless but consists of texts , songs , poetry , short compiled list , etc . The procedure includes the teacher to read the context at slightly reduced or emphasized way Repeating and allow students some time… [banner_entry_footer]

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