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Compare and Contrast of The Iliad by Socrates and Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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Many parallels can be drawn between the character of Okwonko in Things Fall Apart , and Achilles in The Illiad . For instance , each is a tragic hero . Both are characters high in stature in their respective societies Secondly , their fates are inseparably woven into that of their community . And finally , they each ultimately suffer a dramatic fall due to a tragic flaw

Achilles and Okwonko are both celebrated for their military successes though while Okwonka is a member of a tribal society , Achilles belongs to a society that values the individual . Each finds [banner_entry_middle]

his tragic flaw tested at the onslaught of a disruption in the status quo . While for Achilles , it is a war with a state that advocates the same communalism as the society of Things Fall Apart , the test for Okwonko is the invasion of the individualist forces of the West in the society in which he has until this point thrived

These heroes symbolize the plight of their societies in the following ways . Achilles ‘ battle is waged between his personal sense of greatness and the pressure to surrender his own glory to that of the Achaeans Likewise , his community as a whole struggles against Troy , characterized by communal values . Conversely , Okwonko ‘s battle is his unwavering belief in the greatness of Igbo , even in the face of its demise . His fate is directly tied into that of his society , as it ultimately succumbs to the forces of the Individualistic West

The tragic fall in western literature is an excess of a particular trait . Achilles ‘ flaw is his excessive service to himself , at times to the detriment of his community . And ultimately this arrogance is his downfall . As for Okwonko , his flaw is a need to fit in . His excess would lead to his own demise , though unlike Achilles , it would not happen in juxtaposition to the fate of his community , but rather analogous to it… [banner_entry_footer]

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