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Compare and Contrast on Adult learner and Young learner

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Parents and local education authorities take the decision that a child should learn English . By contrast , adults usually have very clear instrumental reasons for learning a language e .g . to use the internet for their job and so do most teenagers e .g . to pass an exam , to listen to pop music (Moon , 2005

Since the traits of patience and understanding are some things that are associated with adults , it is very difficult for kids to act likewise . A young learner who doesn ‘t find a way of teaching satisfactory would visibly [banner_entry_middle]

show by his /her actions while an adult may realize the importance of a particular way of teaching and have patience to bear it Therefore the real test of endurance of an instructor is when they teach young kids . Older learners can co-operate and manage themselves because they understand that this mode may be helpful for language learning . Children will not understand why they are working in this way and will need careful supervision and training to do so effectively (Moon , 2005

An adult learning something would be an action of his own will while a child might be forcibly learning something due to which there is a difference of interest between the two , even though they might be learning the same thing , such as a common language . The adult would try to grasp whatever he /she can as they have a motive of taking it into use later in their lives but a kid has no such incentive or interest therefore kids do not pay attention to the words which are being used in the situation as their main concern is to know what is happening This is very different from adults and teenagers who are generally more interested in the language itself , in the form of… [banner_entry_footer]

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