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Compare & Contrast the Parthenon & the Pantheon

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The Parthenon and the Pantheon are two of the most significant and magnificent artifacts of ancient western civilization . The Parthenon and the Pantheon both have aspects of ancient Greek architecture , but the Parthenon takes it further with its then-revolutionary design , and its symbolism

The Parthenon ‘s construction began in 447 BC , and more that a decade passed before it was completed . The date of the creation of the Pantheon is not certain , however , but is estimated to be in the year 125

The Parthenon is set atop the Acropolis of Athens , a [banner_entry_middle]

flat-topped rock overlooking the city of Athens , and is visible for 20 miles around . It was build as a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena . Its name most probably comes from the Athena Parthenos , the large statue of the goddess Athena located in the eastern room . The Pantheon , on the other hand , was build as a more generic temple its name comes from the Greek words pan (all ) and theon (god . It is a temple of all the gods

It was Pericles , a leading politician and general of Athens , who was largely responsible for initiating the construction of the Parthenon The architects Iktinos and Kallikrates designed the building , and the sculptor Phidias supervised its construction and was responsible for the sculptures that would decorate it . As for the Pantheon , the person responsible for the construction has been determined to be the emperor Hadrian , who was a conserver of culture ‘ he installed the representations of the seven deities of the seven planets in the building , possibly as a gesture to the different beliefs of the Roman Empire ‘s subjects . However , there is no certainty on who the architect primarily responsible for the building ‘s design is , although scholars believe it is probably Apollodorus of Damascus

The Parthenon is a building of the Doric style , and its design takes advantage of human flaws in perception , making it seem more perfectly symmetrical than it actually is . It was built with (apparent symmetrical perfection through mathematical exactness in mind . Its columns bulge slightly in the middle to offset the optical illusion of columns appearing thinner in the middle . Its floor seems to have been intentionally curved towards the center by about 6 to 10 centimeters for visual effect , and some of its rectangular dimensions exhibit the golden ratio . The Parthenon and Pantheon are often confused because of their similar facades , but while the Parthenon is a structure with largely rectangular dimensions , the Pantheon is much smoother and employs more curves . The design of the Pantheon ‘s portico looks strikingly similar to the Parthenon , however , showing its Greek influence . But this portico leads to the main part of the Pantheon , a cylinder half as high as it is wide , topped by a dome of the same , with a central opening the oculus (or the Great Eye

The base of the Parthenon measures 69 .5 by 30 .9 meters (228 by 101 .4 feet . Its columns have a diameter of 1 .9… [banner_entry_footer]

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