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Regular Cameras vs . Digital Cameras

In recent years dispute between an analog and digital photo has become intensified : what chances has digital one to supersede a film ? Former powerful reasons of supporters of a traditional photo against digital – weak quality of pictures at the high price of cameras – lose an actuality . Quality grows , the prices fall . Nevertheless , which camera is better , the digital camera or the regular old camera ? Well to me , I would choose the digital camera rather than the regular camera for several different advantages that the digital camera [banner_entry_middle]

has than the regular camera

The most obvious advantage that digital cameras have is that , you not longer need to have traditional film inside the camera . Everything that the camera sees ‘ is recorded of some form of digital media . You don ‘t need to go out to the store to purchase film for the camera anymore it ‘s a nice way to conserve money . Another advantage with the digital camera is that you maybe able to see the picture that you took right when you take it . There are times when people want to see the picture that you took right away . With the digital camera that can be possible because right after you take the picture you can see if the picture turned out nice or not . You don ‘t have to wait until the film is completely used , so that you can take it to the local store to develop the film

Also when you develop the pictures that you took , there might be some pictures that didn ‘t turn out right . With the regular camera you have no way on changing the picture or editing it , you might just throw it away On the other hand , with the digital camera you can simply take another picture if you didn ‘t like the picture that you took the first time Considering that fact that you can see the picture instantly with the digital camera . Also you can discard pictures that you don ‘t want Meaning you can erase pictures from the camera and take a better picture . Unlikely the regular camera , the digital camera can make a whole bunch of copies of pictures on the computer . With the regular camera only one picture comes out and you have to go to the store to make copies of that same picture . On the other hand , with the digital camera you can just move it on the computer and make dozens of copies for free with purchasing anything . You can even send them to your friends and family through the Internet

It is especially convenient to receive pictures initially in a digital kind there where it is required – for polygraphy , web-design , sending email . For such purposes praised analog pictures expected the same digital fate , but for this purpose at times were required expensive drum-type scanners . And for listing digital pictures it is possible even to pass a computer (if you are sure , that they do not require correcting in… [banner_entry_footer]

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