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Comparison of 2 domestic theories

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Domestic Violence : Comparison of Two Theories

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Domestic Violence : A Comparison of Two Theories

Domestic violence is characterized by a variety of factors however one common theme running through most discussions is the dynamic of power and how that dynamic is structured . No single factor enables the creation of a power structure that leads to domestic violence , but social construct is often a prominent feature . The article Feminism Versus Multiculturalism ‘ by Leti Volpp discusses the ways in which social construct can mask [banner_entry_middle]

a victim ‘s awareness of oppression Specifically , Volpp challenges the perception of Western women versus those of Third World and non-white women when it comes to priorities related to power precursors for domestic violence . Volpp points out that many Western women are unaware of both the oppression they face and the degree to which they are viewed by others (i .e . Third World and non-white women ) as having a great deal of privilege . Kristen L Anderson ‘s Theorizing Gender in Intimate Partner Violence Research (2005 ) also explores the element of power as it relates to domestic violence , but her work focuses on the role gender plays as it is determined not merely by biological gender , but by biological gender socialized gender , and psychological gender – the latter two of which it is argued , are aspects of the Western social construct . It is Anderson ‘s view that in to more accurately understand the reasons behind domestic violence , the individualist approach of analysis must take a back seat to the interactionalist and structuralist approaches

There is a call on the part of both researchers to reevaluate the analytical models that have been routinely used to review the cause and effect relationship in domestic violence . While each study concentrates on different domestic violence related issues , it seems that both Volpp and Anderson agree that the lenses (historical and current ) used to view domestic violence represent a far narrower focus than truly exists in the cause and effect relationship

Leti Volpp ‘s article Feminism Versus Multiculturalism ‘ argues that the discussion of

violence by men against women is not a binary one between those two schools of thought . She

shows that if an analysis of domestic violence is viewed in this light it fails to acknowledge that

Western women are in many ways as oppressed by Western patriarchy as are Third World and

non-white women within their community ‘s own patriarchal environment Volpp points out

several areas in which Western notions of freedom and equality are misrepresented when

compared to Third World and non-white communities specifically , she reveals that many Third

World and non-white women have differing priorities in what they need (i .e . food and shelter

before gender-based freedoms ) from those priorities deemed most central by Western women (i .e . gender-based freedom first . One of the reasons for this according to Volpp , is that Western

women fail to see they are as victimized by the forces of patriarchy as are their Third World and

non-white… [banner_entry_footer]

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