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2005 Nowadays most of PCs in the world gathered together with the net . Net can be internal – Intranet , which links for example PCs in the office and external – Internet , which links together computers worldwide . Internet now is the most popular source of information of any kind and most available one . Any information of any part of social business , political life placed in Internet . And the question is : where physically stored all this information ? Not all computers in the Internet have equal features and opportunities . Together with office and home [banner_entry_middle]

PCs there exist big computers with a lot of space for storing information . These are servers . Servers are placed in the offices of providers (organizations which provide to the users access to Internet and in the office of big companies . Servers of providers are so-called public servers and servers of companies – private servers . All information in the Internet gathered on servers . Ordinary PCs can link with servers with help of modem through the phone cable . Modem is the hardware tool inside or outside of PC , which sets the connection of PC with Internet . Now together with cable connection there is wireless (mobile ) connection , which has other tools , but same principle . Most often connection of PC with Internet is still happening through telephone cable . There are two general possibilities to get connection dial-up and broadband . Dial-up is older type , where modem works like a phone , just dial up the phone number of the server and set the connection (analog of phone conversation broadband is modern and more productive type , which use separate line and can sent and get much more information in a period of time . Broadband often use in companies dial-up – at homes . After setting the connection , user can see the information from server on personal computer . For this opportunity user is need to have special software on PC – browser . Browser is the programming tool for seeing what is happening in Internet . It looks close to modern text redactor , but shows not the information from this PC , but from the Internet . Modern PCs have this program with a standard package of software , so no need to purchase additional software to get in Internet . All information in Internet presented with help of websites and web pages . Every web page and website has its own unique address , so it can be easily found in the net and downloaded on the users PC in parts of second . Address is written on the top of the window of browser contains of few words , separated with dots . Website can be compared with book , but pages there (web pages ) no need to open one after another . It can be opened from any place of the website if there is a link . Link is a word or phrase or internet address , outlined by another color and active , i .e . it open new page after click on it by PC mouse . Link contains an address of web page in the Internet . Web pages can be created by anyone… [banner_entry_footer]

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