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Computer and Network Infrastructure Attacks

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Computer and Network Infrastructure Attacks

P2P Wireless Networking


P2P and Wireless networking are two of the most fast emerging technological trends in Computer and Networking infrastructure . Despite the positive aspects of P2P -sharing it is a wrong notion prevailing among users that P2P threat comes only from the various freeware shareware and other MP3 accessible allied softwares . The impact of their negative intentions is very threatening indeed and is the subject matter of this

Also according to estimates by industry analysts it is predicted that wireless LAN equipment [banner_entry_middle]

will grow continuously higher to 5 .9 billion in 2006 . However the related unnerving fact reported by findings also indicates that 80 of these enterprise wireless LAN networks will remain susceptible to intrusion . Hence it has been strongly recommended to discover rogue access points , foreign devices connected to corporate access points and accidental tagging on to nearby company access points which compromise network security


of the Attack

Most newer versions of P2P software automatically attempt to create a session on different communication ports . Thus they dynamically adapt to the blocking mechanisms incorporated in the corporate networks where ISP and other corporate traffic should also be allowed through the existing set of ports only . The threat proliferates beyond email to applications such as instant messaging , P2P and sharing

Impact of the Attack

Due to P2P activity your workstations and s can actually be communicating with unauthorized users and exchanging s . It is a widely known fact that some of the most dangerous worms like Swen Lirva , Fizzen worm are resultant of propagation through P2P programs The worst part of the P2P is that the infiltration is hard to detect or completely remove as footprints are left in the registry databases and configuration s . Ironically more damage is caused by the above worm infested malawares when their uninstall program is run

Detecting / Solving P2P Attacks

Even if one ‘s budget only allows for a single solution to the above teething problem go for protecting the desktop . One should seriously consider blocking P2P ports on the network . P2P software such as Kazaa Morpheus , BearShare and others can port scan , tunnel and even camouflage as HTTP traffic over port 80 . One could also implement packet-filtering firewalls such as ipchains (or iptables ) in Linux , Microsoft ISA Server for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 or the free Cisco NBAR

Wireless Networking

of the Attack

A rogue wireless device is any unauthorized wireless device connected to an authorized enterprise network or device . Posing one of the greatest risks to an enterprise ‘s network security , the rogue wireless devices compromise contemporary wired and wireless networks circumventing even the powerful of security mechanisms . It has also been found that enterprises sans wireless implementations are at a higher risk from rogue devices . A particular category of rogue devices called the stealth rogue devices sneak into the corporate network disguised in the form of power adapters which go undetected by wired-side network scanners . These reveal confidential information… [banner_entry_footer]

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