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Computer and Network Infrastructure Attacks

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in modern technologies, technology

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Computer Computer and Network Infrastructure Attacks Running Head : COMPUTER AND NETWORK INFRASTRUKTUR ATTACK In APA Style (Name (University ) Computer and Network Infrastructure Attacks 1 . Introduction The number of attacks in digital world continues increases every time . Considering the potential losses that may cost a company , it is found that today ‘s corporations equip their data network with enhanced security to protect them from malicious software . According to one report from Forrester Research , such growth is in line with the fact that there are at least 65 of businesses at all sizes confirm to spend their money in protecting their systems from malicious software programs in 2005 . Intruders usually use several tools to break security of a computer network . Some common tools , which are malicious software , include WinNuke , Papa Smurf , and Teardrop . In the 1999 , Computer Security Institute /FBI computer crime revealed a finding of a survey revealing that fifty-seven percent of organizations cite their Internet connection as a frequent po int of attack ‘ The situation reveals that c o mputer crime creates huge losses . therefore corporations must perfo r m efforts to secure their systems in to preventing `inviting ‘ crime entering the corporate network facilities . 2 . Computer and Networking Attack 2 .1 . Peers-to-Peer Computer Attack 2 .1 .1 of the Attack Recent peer-to-peer research has focused on providing efficient hash lookup systems that can used to build systems that are more complex . There is two types of peer-to-peer attack threaten the live of the systems : Routing Attacks In computer system , information flow from one end to the other end by reading the address that is assigned by a router , similar to an exchange in telephone system . In this manner , it is imperative to provide correct routing in a distributed hash table . In to prevent attack , there is need to maintaining routing tables then dispatching requests to the nodes in the routing table . However , there is considerable room for an adversary to play in existing systems . These attacks can detect if the system defines verifiable system invariants (and verifies them . When invariants fail , the system must have a recovery mechanism Storage and Retrieval Attacks A malicious node could join and participate in the lookup protocol correctly , but deny the existence of data it was responsible for secure it . Similarly , it might claim actually store data when asked , but then refuse to serve it to clients . In to handle this attack , the storage layer must… [banner_entry_footer]

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