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Computers and Information Systems

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Considering the size of the hospital as well as the number of health care givers and the clients admitted to the hospital everyday , it is but imperative that an effective and easy access to communication be given the highest priority in to meet the information needs of the clients and the health care givers especially that of the physicians and the nurses . An efficient and effective communication process should be observed and implemented to provide clients ‘ health needs in an optimum quality service

The physicians and the nurses of the New York [banner_entry_middle]

Presbyterian Hospital have a number of similar varied information needs . At the same , they also experience some different needs as regards to their functions and concerns . Firstly , both find difficulty in finding or looking up for information . These information needs may pertain to the patient , to the institution , to the medications or to the education materials that both health teams need while administering client care . Second , they both experience acquiring inaccurate or outdated information . Because most often they rely online on acquiring information , both teams often experience getting inaccurate information basically because the system is not updated and therefore does not meet the demand of both the physicians and the nurses . Thirdly , both teams think that they have only limited time accessing information into the computer . Fourthly , the physicians and the nurses have difficulty in identifying and contacting other health care providers through the existing access to online information . Lastly , they all believe that the current paging system of the hospital is inefficient and is not reliable . It is slow and therefore hampers the communication flow . Both physicians and nurses have difficulty in identifying and contacting other health care providers because of the existing paging system

Both teams also experience different information needs . Some nurses of the hospital claim they lack knowledge about how to get into the system Not all nurses have the right and enough knowledge how to get into the web-based system and rather prefer e-mailing as their method of communication . Also , nurses find it a need for materials in foreign languages , particularly in Spanish . The problem on language use often delays the access to information and therefore creates inefficiency and delay . Nurses identified the need for patient education materials Accordingly , the existing patient education materials were felt to be difficult to access and are often unsuitable for the literacy level of the patients . On the other hand , the physicians experience inconsistent communication transfer of patient care , and most often , patient transfers are the very problematic . Next , they need an immediate feedback on their status so as to function accordingly and immediately . Thirdly , physicians need for a face-face communication where mistrust or disagreement in care plans existed in to have consistency and unity in the plans made

To eradicate communication gaps , the web system should always be updated so that questions regarding reliability are prevented . By doing so problems such as delays and inaccuracy are eliminated , allowing easy flow of communication . All… [banner_entry_footer]

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