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Conduct a `frame analysis` of media coverage of Iran`s nuclear weapons program and how it effects the US.

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Media Framing : Iran ‘s Nuclear Weapons Program

1 . Introduction and Objective

The United States is today the richest and most powerful nation in the world . Its wealth , massive repository of human talent , the technology at its disposal and huge armory of sophisticated weapons allows it the power to engage most nations in the world with the confidence of a goliath staring across the battlefield . Its huge economic influence enables it to bully mostly all nations into submission and force them into alliances and agreements , often inimical to their interests . The only [banner_entry_middle]

area of discomfiture is the presence of a handful of other nations who have access to nuclear weapons , and though far poorer , have the military capability to cause horrific devastation . Nevertheless , as a global force capable of influencing events , even the United States acknowledges the supremacy of the power of the media and its ability to change the course of events , locally n the United States and elsewhere in the world . The importance of having the media on its side is the most important item on the agenda of the US government , possibly even more important than controlling the vote at the United Nations

The US is now engaged in a bitter war over terrorism , a conflict that has taken serious shape after the terror attacks of September 11 and led to wars and deployment of western armies in Afghanistan and Iraq . The prime enemy is Islamic militancy , a force that is also pan global , and while nowhere near the US in wealth and power uses fanatical and brain washed people to carry out its aggression . Even the pan Islamic terrorists recognize the enormous reach of the media and make efforts to use it to reach out with their message of Islamic outrage and confrontation with their actual and perceived enemies

The power of the media and its responsibilities have been recognized for several years , especially in the US , where it has , on various occasions been able to cause a paradigm shift in public opinion and changed the course of events . The example of George Bush Sr . is a case in point After the conclusion of the gulf war in 1991 , Bush ‘s popularity rating went up to a high of 91 , the highest a President has got in American history , primarily because of the extensive media coverage of his firm leadership Yet , a year later , he lost at the polls , apparently without any scandal or public debacle to account for the embarrassment . While many put this reversal of the status quo down to unreliable and capricious public opinion , analysts feel that this was mainly due to a media led shift in public perception , which veered away from the war and focused on the economic travails that had beset the United States . Minor changes in presentation of the economic scenario led to significant shifts in public perception and caused the sharpest decline in popularity ratings

The answer to national mood swings appears to be psychological rather than logical . Seemingly… [banner_entry_footer]

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