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conflict in the family

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Conflict in the Family

A family is a gathering and a cluster of different individuals with different personalities , characteristics , views and opinions . As such family conflict is inevitable and is considered a normal part of family life . Family conflict can be described as a state of disharmony or discord between family members with incompatible or opposing views ideas or interests . Family conflict happens when family members who have different views , beliefs and personalities quarrel and collide . This may also happen when couples misunderstand each other and arrive at wrong conclusions or [banner_entry_middle]

when siblings fight over a mutually interesting object Disagreement and misunderstanding are normal part of social interactions and occasional conflict is part of family life . However , unresolved and long term family conflicts can be stressful and damaging to the family and the relationships within the family as the family members who are involved in the conflict tend to emotionally explode and become intentionally hurtful to those family members they are in conflict with

There are different reasons as to why there are conflicts in the family The causes may be individual differences among members , money , and changes in the attitudes , needs and demands of maturing children or aging parents . Some other typical conflicts in the family are over management , over plans , over rights and over values . Conflict rises due to house management such as when family members fight over whose turn it is to do the laundry or who should be in charge of taking care of the new born baby . Conflict emerges over disagreement with plans . For example , a planned family vacation has to be cancelled because the father or another member of the family refuses to go because of a job or for some other reasons . Conflict also results over rights such as when growing children are not allowed by parents to stay out late in parties or when teenagers want more independence than their parents are willing to grant . Values also cause conflict such as when the younger members of the family see the wearing of fit and

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revealing clothes as hip while the older family members see it otherwise . Power-imbalance occurring within the family unit is also another cause of family conflict . This happens when the

questions of who is in charge and who is liable over family matters and decisions result to misunderstanding and fight

Unresolved and long term conflicts can be stressful and damaging to family life most especially when negative consequences result Unresolved conflicts between husband and wife for example can lead to divorce . The sad state of unresolved conflicts between couples in the United States has been alarmingly high such that in 1996 , the U .S Bureau of Census has noted that more than one million divorces occur every year in the country and that divorce has become a frequent occurrence Divorce is identified as a primary reason for the breaking up of a family as a unit and in many circumstances has immediate and… [banner_entry_footer]

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