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Managing Conflict through Effective Communication

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Kenneth N . Nelson

Managing Conflict through Effective Communication


It is an inevitable fact that conflict could occur within any group or organization . Conflicts could arise whenever disagreements exist in a social situation over issues of substance or whenever emotional antagonisms create frictions between individuals or groups . Managers and team leaders can spend considerable time dealing with conflict including conflicts in which the manager or leader is directly involved as one of the principal actors (Kotter , 1982 . In dealing [banner_entry_middle]

with conflicts , effective communication is a very vital tool in resolving it .It is incorrect to think that all conflicts are bad . This is because some conflicts are preventive and reduce hindrances to goal attainment An effective leader should learn to curtail conflict on one hand and to design or to allow its influence on the other , becoming increasingly wise in determining the need for each . Also , keeping conflicts from getting out of control requires communication between participants Managers need to assure the staff that open sharing can be safe and in their best interest as long as there is respect shown to each other Thus , open communication should continue until there is consensus (Levine 1998 ,

. 286

Before a manager can respond effectively to a conflict , he or she needs to understand the real nature of that conflict and who is involved or what the source of the conflict is . In the Conflict Resolution Network ‘s (CRN ) 12 Conflict Resolution Skills , this is called mapping the conflict , where defining the source of conflict is very vital in conflict resolution (CRN Website , 2006

Identifying the Type of Conflict

Although most conflict occurs when a person ‘s superior or peers send conflicting expectations to him or her , it is possible for intrapersonal role conflict to emerge from within an individual , as a result of competing roles taken . For example , an employee named Penelope may see herself as both the manager of a team responsible for protecting and enlarging its resources and as a member of the executive staff charged with the task of reducing operating costs . This is a type of intrapersonal conflict . As conflict can occur within an employee between individuals or groups , and across organizations as they compete Newstrom and Davis (2004 ) applied levels in conflict : intrapersonal interpersonal and group conflicts

More often , it is the interpersonal conflicts that become a serious problem to many people because they deeply affect a person ‘s emotions There is a need to protect one ‘s self-image and self-esteem from damage by others . When self-concept is threatened , serious upset occurs and relationships deteriorate . Sometimes the temperaments of two persons are incompatible and their personalities clash . In other instances conflicts develop from failures of communication or differences in perception . For instance , an office employee named Caleb became upset when his boss chose to promote another person , who he thinks is not as qualified as him to become the accounting supervisor . It seemed to Caleb that there… [banner_entry_footer]

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