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CONSERVATION (BIOLOGY) Scientific Article Critcal review

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Despite the variable quality of the data , the results from this review suggest that nearly any marine habitat can benefit from the implementation of a reserve . Success of a marine reserve , however , will always be judged against the expectations for that reserve , and so we must keep in mind the goals of a reserve in its design , management , and evaluation


Marine reserves (also called marine protected areas , no-take zones marine sanctuaries , etc ) have recently become a major focus in marine ecology , fisheries management , and conservation biology . Interest stems in [banner_entry_middle]

part from the realization that traditional forms of fisheries stock management are inadequate , as evidenced by the historical and recent collapse of many fisheries . In addition , traditional management methods such as maximum sustainable yield estimates are inadequate for addressing the impacts on marine life of over-fishing , certain fishing methods , pollution and other human-derived impacts on marine life Marine reserves have been proposed as an efficient and inexpensive way to maintain and manage fisheries while simultaneously preserving biodiversity and meeting other conservation objectives as well as human needs (PDT 1990 , Ballantine 1992 , Dugan and Davis 1993 , Bohnsack 1996 Nowlis and Roberts 1997 , Allison et al . 1998 , Lauck et al . 1998

Despite the popularity of marine reserves as a management tool decisions on the design and location of most existing reserves have largely been the result of political or social processes (Jones et al 1992 , Agardy 1994 , McNeill 1994 little work has been done to understand or include biological considerations in reserve placement or design . A fair amount of recent work has attempted to try to understand and quantify the biological impact of marine reserves . However , these efforts have been scattered around the world and in the scientific literature , so the results are often not easily accessible to people trying to design… [banner_entry_footer]

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