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Controversial television advertisements

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Television advertisements have become too controversial for the American populace . Thus , there is a needs for more stringent guidelines outlining what commercials can be aired since these advertisements have a direct negative effect on children . This is the main theme of this and will tackle 1 ) the negative effect of food advertising on children 2 the negative effect of sexual undertones in these advertisements and 3 the violence shown on television that distorts children ‘s moral values

Large-scale efforts are exerted , often with impressive success , to [banner_entry_middle]

channel the youth ‘s unthinking habits , purchasing decisions , and their thought processes by the use of insights gleaned from psychiatry and the social sciences . Typically , these efforts take place beneath the level of awareness , so that the appeals , which move people , are often in a sense , hidden . It cannot be denied that the heart of an advertisement and capitalist society is the consumer . Generally speaking , in different various forms , everything winds down to whether or not there is a market for one ‘s product and whether someone will buy it . Basic commodities have a ready-made consumer market : the general public . The strength of these products is inherently its greatest weakness as well . Since these products are not exactly hard to find items , there are many companies that can and are offering the same kinds of products . This leads to extreme competition in the marketplace and results in a massive dilution of the consumer base . The more competition , the lower the price . The lower the price , the lower the profit . There is , therefore , a need to create a new market or a new consumer base (Collis , 1999 . These consumers are as manufactured as the products they themselves buy . They are not consumers of basic products or things that they really need but they are consumers created by the ad campaigns that they watch

1 . Food Television Advertisements aimed at children have a negative affect contributing to poor nutritional habits that may last a lifetime

There is a popular commercial where the setting shows a Roman Coliseum where three female warriors , Britney Spears , Beyonce Knowles and Pink are supposed to do battle with animals for the entertainment of the Emperor played by Enrique Iglesias dance to the popular song by Queen We Will Rock You . Initially , one does not find anything wrong with it . But as one looks closely , the subliminal effect is about breaking out from the norm and not accepting what society has given . It calls for people , especially the youth , to start showing what they are capable of and start doing what they want to do . This theme is enforced in the ending as the three women escape and defeats the emperor . In a way , it tells the viewers that they have the right to go against authority when they feel that they are being held back or oppressed . It demands the audience not to simply accept the reality they are in . They have the right to Ask… [banner_entry_footer]

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