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Controversial Television Advertising

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2005 I . Introduction

In the U .S , we witness that many companies are facing fiercer competition in attracting new customers . This situation , historically drives developments in the telegraph , telephone , movies , and radio (Starr , 2004 . Concerning the motion picture , advertising in today ‘s television also influenced by the political aspects of the media itself .The use of television for advertising shows a growing number since people love to hear and watch . Coupled with sexual appeals that women have , advertising in television becomes holds major share compared to other type of [banner_entry_middle]

media like newss , magazines or outdoor media

I .1 Impact of Consumerism Era

In this globalization and consumerism era , mostly in metropolitan area advertisement activity is very coherent in society ‘s life . Let us try to think , have we , in one day , is not touched by an advertisement from some products and services ? It looks almost impossible . At the morning on the way to office , to market or to office , we always see various advertisement perching above big billboard . At the afternoon , the moment when we read news between the lunchtime , advertisement is presented on some pages of the news

At the evening , or before night , in the middle of many cars queuing up alongside the street , inside our car we often hear some advertisements through the radio station . Even when we are in the relaxed moment at home , we feel invaded by many advertisements in the television . By the short words , wherever we are residing , wherever we go , the advertisement always follow us

I .2 Reasons of Commercial Refusal

With the overexcited of advertisement in daily life , can the people regard the exertion of advertisement in to awake the people about the important of the advertisement as one of information source ? I am not sure . Some negative impressions even dominate the society ‘s feeling This issue is proved by the fact that there are many peoples remove the TV and radio channels when some kind of advertisement is being displayed

One of the reasons is boredom . Boredom that resulted at consciousness about however the product is being packaged , basically advertisements bring the same message : selling goods , service and idea to their goals audience

Second , sometimes people are feeling shy or nauseated when they assume that the advertisement do not have ethical . This issue is usually addressed at the advertisement that having dilemmatic problem about the moral concept and society ‘s culture . The examples are advertisement of woman bandage , condoms , and underwear

For the product that mentioned above , generally , the advertisement product causes uncomfortable feeling , so however they are being packaged , cultural conflict will always come out to surface

Third reason , it might possibly because of feel afraid about the consumerism impact , which is buzzing by every advertisement . For example a mother , will effort to make limitation about children ‘s duration when they are watching TV , because a mother feel worry how if they whimper ask the product that advertised in the TV , the examples are toothpaste… [banner_entry_footer]

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