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Corporate communication

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Newsletter for

MG Rover Customers


Newsletter for MG Rover Customers

a . Context and Issue Analysis

Every company has its ups and downs because there is no possibility to obtain victories in a long run without going through hard times every now and them . However , all of the efforts of Rover have always been put into building a successful relationship with you- our customers . There has never been a step taken without taking into consideration the needs of customers and their needs for the most powerful and secure cars in [banner_entry_middle]

br the world . The company is going through very hard trials now , but we hope that they will eventually be overcome . This is not the first time when we are standing on the verge of a disaster we are going to put all of our efforts to making sure all of the problems are resolved in the shortest time and with minimum pain for our customers

The last years have not been as successful for MG Rover as the corporate managers hoped and many goals were not accomplished . The sales started dropping rapidly . In 2004 , they dropped by 2 ,4 but in 2005 the losses became much more significant . Despite the managers ‘ efforts to reduce losses , this process could not be stopped anymore . It has been argued that to some extent , the present state of the company on the edge of bankruptcy is caused by unwise actions of senior managers and owners of the company . For example , there has been said a lot about the pension fund which was established for the shareholders and senior management of the company . Phoenix chairman John Towers , who , with other Midlands businessmen , took over the company from BMW in 2000 , has faced criticism over the establishment of a pensions trust fund for directors and senior staff . Phoenix said the contribution to the trust fund , which was pounds 12 . 95m in 2002 , was pounds 3 . 58m in 2003 (MG Rover in the Red Again but Losses Fall Bumpy Road Ahead , Warns Company after Lower Sales 2004 br

.21 . The company also failed to find appropriate strategic partners to keep its sales on a high level . Tat , the Indian partner of the company was supposed to increase the sales of the company but the program of cooperation with this partner was delayed greatly , and the level of sales remained low

The problems which Rover is facing during the whole 2005 year are connected with the search of the company ‘s buyer . There is no way MG Rover can exist without a new inflow of capital which can occur only through the acquisition of a new buyer- or several buyer . There are many companies which have expressed an interest in the automobile giant , and it is necessary for the management to arrive at the best possible decision : administrators for MG Rover say there have been more than 200 expressions of interest by car manufacturers in buying parts of the stricken car firm (Hundreds bid to buy bits of… [banner_entry_footer]

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