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counter-culture in the 1960`s

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What is counter-culture

Counter-culture is a term used to describe a lifestyle that is opposed to the prevailing mores of the larger society . The term also applies to groups of people who deliberately think and behave very differently from the larger culture to which they belong . Sociologically speaking , the term is applied to a cultural group whose values are contrary to the existing social norms . Counterculture exists in all societies in all times , but here it refers to a tangible and continuous phenomenon

The term counter-culture , popularized in 1969 by Theodore Roszak [banner_entry_middle]

, in his book The Making of a Counter-culture , recently came to prominence as it was used to refer mostly to the youth rebellion that swept the USA and West Europe during the 60 ‘s and early 70 ‘s , although there are fragmentary manifestations of it during the 1950s in the Beatnik generation

Ironically though , counterculture movements are often used as catchphrases for popular commercial campaigns . Thus , some previously taboo ideas such as men adopting women ‘s fashion have become part of pop culture

The American Sixties

The sixties was the decade of the youth for America . The baby boom after WWII left the country with more or less 70 million people belonging to the category of youth . Thus , understandably , the youth was the focal point of the country ‘s culture and politics . It was a great time for the youth in general and the culture of the young proliferated massively This was the time of the California surfers ‘ skateboards rise to fame and Barbie by Mattel ‘s debut , which was of course followed closely by the first action-figure for boys , G .I . Joe

Fashion , early in the decade , meant for men , crew cuts and plaid button down shirts , followed by long hair and bright Nehru jackets by the mid-60s . Women ‘s hair early in the decade were commonly in the bouffant style followed the long and lanky , while knee-length dresses miniskirts , hot-pants , go-go boots , and peasant skirts were all the rage through-out the decade . The blacks popularized the Afro

The sixties , however , was also a time of great political upheavals

This decade saw the rise of various radical youth movements as well as social , political and international events that forever changed American and world history . The sixties saw the rise of the Civil Rights Movement , led by Martin Luther King , who was assassinated on April 1968 John F . Kennedy became president in 1960 and was assassinated later on the same year as King . Before he died though , Kennedy launched the Apollo program which eventually ended the Cold War in 1969 with the landing of the first man on the moon

The Vietnam War and military conscription of all males 20 yrs old and above also gave the decade additional color . The conscription was met with astounding protests opposing the Draft ‘ that ended with the Moratorium protests in 1969 . Initially , the Peace movement of the fifties influenced the protests but , by the middle of the decade , the anti-war movement… [banner_entry_footer]

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