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What is counterterrorism ? Why is it important to understand the motivations behind terrorism when engaged in counterterrorism efforts What kind of general motives might you find among terrorists in this country and abroad

Counter-terrorism can be referred to the various strategies , practices and tactics that the government or the military uses to fight and eliminate terrorism . Eliminating terrorism includes reducing the damage caused by terrorism as well as preventing it from gaining heights . It can be expressed as the [banner_entry_middle]

complete removal of the enemy , to destroy the terrorist organization and to curb the enemy ‘s desire to commit terrorist activities which are against the state and its citizens . The controversial issue could to resolved as the motive behind is a political one and so the solution is to be a political one . One of the goals of counter terrorism should be to minimize the damage done by terrorism . These include reducing the number of attacks and the prevention of certain types of attacks such as suicide attacks and mass killings etc . It is essential to see that the attacks do not gain momentum and that the attacks are stopped on time . The terrorist organization ‘s growth should be curbed , they should be stopped from gaining political achievement in the international arena and the support they get from foreign countries should either be locked or neutralized .Terrorism can be defined from numerous points of view . A few of them are political , psychological , coercive , dynamic , and deliberate . A terrorist act is considered political when it is committed to cause a political effect a psychological effect is produced when it produces terror . This is aimed at a targeted audience rather than the actual victims . The targeted audience can be the decision makers or the whole population as a whole . Moreover the terrorists use violence and destruction to produce the desired effect . If they successfully kidnap a hostage , it results in the hostage being freed unharmed if the negotiations have gone in the terrorists ‘ favor . Terrorism demands change , revolution and political movement . It is also well planned to achieve the desired goals . For the terrorist the victim is of little importance for the target of terrorism is not the victim but psychological balance

People turn to terrorism for a number of reasons . One reason why people become terrorists is because they have been deeply hurt , shamed or humiliated . The same can be said about communities that engage in terrorism ‘ Joan Arehart-Treichel . Terrorism is used to instill fear and challenge the authority of the government , thus terrorism uses a lot of tactics to gain their means and end . According to John Alderdice M .D , a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst “Terrorism is not a structure nor an organization , nor a belief system , but a tactic ‘ Moreover terrorist do not consider their acts as wrong , instead they are justified in their thinking that they are putting right a grievous wrong . In their view they are nothing less than heroes who… [banner_entry_footer]

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