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Counterterrorism – Aviation Security

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Aviation Security

Prior to the 9 /11 attack , the US Aviation had little concern over the threat of either hijacking or terrorism . Surveys detailing the passengers ‘ concerns in flights were more directed towards the airlines maintenance and safety than the risk of being hijacked or being attacked by terrorists (Rosenzweig and Kochems , 2005 . But after the 9 /11 attack especially with terrorists having used planes as the instruments for initiating a global anxiety over terrorism , aviation security has become an utmost priority of the Department of Homeland Security (Decker 2005 . Increased [banner_entry_middle]

international concern over terrorist-related aviation security heightened after the attack . This is evidenced by several complaints and questions issued immediately after 9 /11

According to the Citizens ‘ Complaint and Petition as d with NY AG Eliot Spitzer on November 2004 , New York citizens were dissatisfied with official investigations done regarding the attack

Some of the implications of the complaint include the citizens suspicion of unsatisfactory intelligence prior to September 11 and that some government officials are responsible for the attack and are directly to blame for the tragedy . In other words , the citizens doubt that the tragedy was a result of mere incompetence on the part of the intelligence committee but more of an act of complicity between the terrorists and some officials . Quoting from the complaint

A majority of citizens come to suspect high crimes and treachery within their own government , but cannot find officials with enough courage , power or independence to thoroughly investigate their concerns and restore the public trust (2004

Moreover , the citizens are concerned that the government is deliberately hiding the real results of the investigation regarding the 9 /11 attack keeping their questions from being answered and their peace of mind untended . Representative Cynthia McKinney of Georgia responded to a 9 /11 briefing saying that a number of families of the 9 /11 tragedy ‘s victims share her concerns about the truth on all aspects about the 9 /11 attack

This calls for another look at the government ‘s account of 9 /11 , which guides so much of what has happened since . Mistakes of fact , intentional or not , have changed and guided America into costly wars and increased insecurity at home . They need to be addressed and scrutinized , not dismissed and used to attack those who discover or raise those (2005 ‘Although not stated directly such complaints imply the citizens ‘ concern for justice and the assurance that their government could be trusted with providing them with their right to a safe environment . Such actions and concerns by the citizens force the government to respond by enhancing security measures especially in aviation , and improving intelligence and investigative capabilities as demanded by the rising anxiety resulting from the tragedy

The complaint also expressed concerns over the taxing effect of exaggerated ‘ security measures on civil liberty but notwithstanding most are still willing to sacrifice the said liberty in exchange for the safety that they demand to be ensured of . In this era of terrorist threat , the citizens… [banner_entry_footer]

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