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create a `Chamber of Commerce`

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reasons for doing business in japan

The most important reason for doing business in Japan is Japanese market . The reasons why it is so attractive are

It is very large , second biggest in the world

It continues expanding as Japan ‘s population is growing

The earning of the Japanese are increasing that makes their paying capacity higher

Yen is relatively low but its grow compared to the dollar and euro is expected

Japan is under political pressure to import more

Cultural attributes of japan

The Japanese are not uncomfortable [banner_entry_middle]

with silence . They use it to their advantage in many situations . Allow your host to sit in silence

When receiving a business card from Japanese partner do not hastily hide it to the wallet but carefully examine it as a show of respect

Japanese avoid using the word no . Even if they simply respond with a yes ‘ it may clearly mean no . Understanding this is critical in the negotiation process

The customary greeting is the bow . However , a handshake is now more usual , albeit a weak one

useful tips on japanese business

Personal space is valued . Because the Japanese live in such a densely populated area , they value their personal space . This leads to much competition

Trust and reputation are an important part of getting anything done

Hierarchy is a silent principle in Japan . Everybody knows his position in the hierarchy and this explains much of what he or she does

Japanese consumers are fastidious about the quality . The aspect of service should be considered more closely

Majority of large Japanese corporations practice lifetime employment . College graduates enter a firm right after graduation and stay there until retirement

Expand Your Business

to Japanese Market

Doing Business in Japan

Chamber of Commerce

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