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create an action plan

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Create an Action Plan

If a man knows not what harbor he seeks

any wind is the right wind


Chad Purcell

Academic Strategies CS 113-17

Project 3 : Create and Action Plan


It has never been my habit to write down the goals I want to achieve in life . This is probably the reason why it had been very hard to for me to accomplish anything significant . Recently , however , I have been encouraged to pick up a pen and a piece of and jot down the goals [banner_entry_middle]

that I want to reach . I have learned how to look at each goal and evaluate it . Because of this , I have learned to create action plans to make my goals more realistic . Creating an action plan has made me realized that having a specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than having a general one . Of course , the most effective action plan I have learned to draw is based on S .M .A .R .T . goals , which stands for Specific , Measurable , Attainable , Realistic , and Tangible

The action plan that I will be drawing here will include my short-term goal , my intermediate-term goal , and my long-term goal . These goals will eventually set the pace of my life and by drawing an action plan for them , I will be able to check my time-frame and what I have been able to accomplish through the years

I . Name of Short-Term Goal : To have a very productive semester – academically , personally and spiritually

Why is this goal important to me

This goal is very important to me because I know that this is my stepping stone to a good future after finishing school . By having a very productive and fruitful semester , I know that I have grown as an individual . It would further ensure me of a solid background to help me cope with life ‘s stress and pitfalls . Of course , it is also a-given that having accomplished this goal will look good in my transcript of records so finding a job later on will not be too difficult . By having a productive semester , I know that my going to school has not been for naught

Plan of Action

1 ) Step 1 : Study everyday

Results Needed

I should always go to school prepared for class discussions and tests This will not only include memorization of facts , but understanding them as well . By studying everyday , I will increase my stock knowledge of certain things

Date to be completed : Everyday until the end of the semester

2 ) Step 2 : Do extra school work in the library every two days

Results Needed

There should be a compilation of research work at the end of the week in preparation for the succeeding week ‘s lessons . This compilation will help me understand my courses better and there will be no need to cram whenever examination time occurs , simply because I am always prepared whenever I go to class

Date to be completed : Twice a week until the… [banner_entry_footer]

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