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Creating Successful Transition to a Inclusive Setting

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in education, pedagogy

Research has established that the majority of students with disabilities learn more when taught the standards-based general education curriculum compared when they are in a separate curriculum , given that these students receive suitable support and adjustment for their special needs . It was also noted that legislation has supported a trend in recent years that includes more students with disabilities in general education classes

There are slight differences between the general and special education classroom . The comprehensive team of teachers of Carole should explain what it is like to be in a [banner_entry_middle]

typical classroom . Some routine situations occur in a general classroom are

Students are more independent , they freely discuss opinion and ideas towards a certain , issue or situation

Teachers encourage their students more to participate openly

Teachers give various type of assessment that enable them to gauge the capacity of each students such as exam , coursework , term s assignment , reviews etc

One on one approach is a case to case basis

Classes are relatively longer , there is more discussion , lectures , and quizzes are given right after the lesson has ended

Assignments or coursework given are heavier for an instance students are asked to read chapters 1 – 2 and be prepared for an oral recitation next meeting

In a general set up , teachers expectations are somewhat high , and they anticipate students to grasp their lessons well enough . Considerably these are different from special education where students are given more attention , focus , and curriculum varies from the general one . Though the question lies with the difference of the curriculum , the approach of educators to its students should remain the same . Carole should be told that it would be a different world in a typical classroom compared with the one she used to . It would be a big adjustment for her to adapt , but it should be explained as well that the team is not expecting for her to adjust quickly , rather she can have her own pace to cope and adjust to her situation

It has been identified that there are still barriers from transition of special to general education these are insufficient parent and provider information . First and foremost , the comprehensive team should be able to discuss the concern issues with Carole ‘s parents in for them to be well informed and be prepared for certain circumstances . Pressure is not only with Carole , but as well with her parents . Difficulty of transition is high and the emotional investments of parents are very important . They should be well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the typical set up , and they should not have high expectations of the adjustment

Secondly , the student which is Carole should be emotionally prepared with her transition from special to general classroom . She should be aware of the changes , issues and concerns of her adjustment and that be made it cleared to her that it would take time for her to adjust and soon cope with it . It is very important for Carole to realize… [banner_entry_footer]

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