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Crisis Media Conference Plan & News Release

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Invited media

The media play an important role in any crisis situation . Tymson , Lazar and Lazar (2000 ) have indicated that the media are the most influential public in any media conference . The effect they can provide is tremendous . It is during media conferences such as this one that their roles are even more highlighted . For this particular media conference , I decided to invite the following media networks and personality

1 . TV1

2 . TV3 Evening News

3 . John Campbell [banner_entry_middle]

p Target audience /public

The situation may be far from the works of `real ‘ terrorists , however the damage has been done so we must do something to correct it . In to do this , we need the help of the invited media personalities to reach the right target audience

1 . Other media organizations – Time and again , we are told that the media have a certain power only they can project . They influence a great deal of the populace so it is important that we provide them the right information they can convey to other people through their networks

2 . Hotel clients /patrons – The `attacks ‘ may leave a remarkable mark among hotel patrons or clients . Somehow , it can drive them away from the hotel permanently which is not a very good point for the hotel . While we ‘re at it , we must deal with the situation where we can still handle it

3 . Residents /general public – It is important to keep the people informed that we have the situation under control . The media can help us reach to this public and rightfully spread the real score and the real message across


The situation may have a lasting effect on everyone . In this regard , we are giving the following messages to our target audience /public

1 . To other media practitioners , we have this to say : The situation is now being handled by the security personnel . We assure you that this will never happen again

2 . Hotel clients /patrons – The situation is being handled according by the security personnel . There ‘s no reason to worry since it was only a minor case . We assure you , however , that no similar incident will ever happen in the future . Updating of security measures are currently on the works to keep your stay at the hotel worthwhile

3 . Residents /general public – the situation has been handled by our security personnel . We assure you that this scenario will never happen again

Schedule of the conference

With the Forum happening in three (3 ) days , the conference must be held immediately at 7 :00 in the evening

Venue of the conference

The media conference will be held at the hotel ‘s ballroom . It may seem huge for the affair but this will give the media practitioners present the feel of the area where the `action ‘ actually took place . This will give them the message that the forum ‘s venue is safe as it is

Facilities to be provided

The invited media… [banner_entry_footer]

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