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Critical Essay on Martin Luther King, Jr. `I Have A Dream`

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The ethical principle of beneficence which states , Do what enhances the welfare of others ‘ is enacted by preventing , minimizing or eliminating actual or potential harm that may come to another person Beneficence is a fundamental principle that King recounts over and over that even after one hundred years later , the Negro is still not free One hundred years later , the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacle of segregation and the chains of discrimination (King 1963

The concept of separate but equal was considered by the United States [banner_entry_middle]

as a justified treatment of blacks . Many of the proponents of the separate but equal principle believed that this was not a form of racial discrimination . According to White (1998 , the treatment of blacks in the United States , which today are considered as human-rights offenses were both law and custom in much of America . Against this backdrop of obvious racial discrimination against blacks , King worked out his cause . I Have a Dream ‘ speech outlines how blacks could not be able to attain the civil status that they deserve (King , 1963

At some points in his speech he begins to gather steam and gives a kind of warning to the people concerned as he lambasts the powers that be There will be neither rest nor tranquility in American until the Negro is granted his citizenship right ‘ These are strong words from a passionate man who has the welfare of his countrymen in his mind

Due to King ‘s actions and mobilizations , he was arrested several times and he had always been threatened (White , 1998 . Indeed , King worked towards the attainment of the deserved status of blacks in the United States by using his speaking and persuasive abilities as evidenced by the numerous speeches he gave during his time

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