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Critical Thinking : How Hip Hop Holds Blacks Back The article entitled How Hip Holds Blacks Back was written by the writer and linguistics scholar John H . McWhorter . McWhorter is known for his writing about culture , race , and ethnicity thus he has a wide knowledge and deep understanding on the , aside from being a black himself How Hip Hop Holds Blacks Back is basically a criticism on the hip hop rap genre . McWhorter ‘s main point is that hip hop music , including its lyrics and styles and what hip hop admirers think about this [banner_entry_middle]

kind of music is a reason why the progress in the society is considerably slow

His arguments started by tracing back the earlier popular culture of the black , from the 1960s to the 1980s and comparing it to the present hip hop music of the black that is reflected on the youth across America . According to McWhorter , it is reasonable that the militant attitude influenced by the Black Nationalist leader Malcolm X , was noticeable with the plays and movies of the black such as the Sweet Sweetback ‘s Baadasssss Song due to the very racist society during the 1960s . It was also during this period when the black wanted to achieve equal rights in the American society . McWhorter called this kind of movie as blaxploitation

In the 1970s , black music gained popularity in the persons of Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross while black rap began popularity with the happy dance music Rapper ‘s Delight . However , in the 1980s , the nature of the black ‘s music changed as hip hop genre emerged . The hip hop in this generation reflects the rebellious attitude of the black but more on being violent and hateful

Hip hop rap music from then on mostly tackle about drugs , violence and crimes . McWhorter proved this by presenting lyrics of hip hop songs from popular black rappers including Grandmaster Flash ‘s The Message which depicted how it is to belong to minority or ghetto and how was it to be involved in drug dealing Tupac Shakur ‘s , Schooly D ‘s and KRS-One ‘s which all talked about violence and crimes , describing it to be all part of a nigger ‘s life Aside from explicit , violent lyrics and meanings conveyed in it , hip hop rap also shows misogyny , with themes stating that women of their own race are bitches and whores . The beat and sound of hip hop music is also distinguishable from the other music genre , signifying aggressiveness and attitude , making it attractive mostly to urban people McWhorter also lists the top hip hop rappers by the time he wrote the article which include 50 Cent , Li ‘l Kim , Fabolous , Eminem and others mostly blacks , who all have their own version of showing how they opposed the society . A good example of the currently famous hip hop rapper who did not only committed crimes and violence in his music but also in real life is Sean P . Diddy ‘ Combs . He had established his bad… [banner_entry_footer]

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