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Critical thinking

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Rights of Protestors

2006 One of many gifts from birth is the ability to speak and those of us that have it should use it . We have many rights in this world and they all vary depending on geographic region , religion , culture and up bringing . All of us have a duty to our society and ourselves to do what ‘s right . Our moral values are what set us aside from animals and rogues . In some societies we sometimes disagree with the rules and regulation that our governing authority sets for us . We live [banner_entry_middle]

in what is known to be a democracy in America . Americans have the freedom of speech . We have the right to peacefully protest against whatever organization that we deem necessary . There are many other countries that do not allow this

Several third world countries are still in republic or even kingdom status . The people have no power beyond what the leader delivers . They live as prisoners in their own communities . Recently many protestors from across the world have set out to strike against what they have been ruled to do . They are tired of conforming to the uncomfortable ways that they are given . The protestors , communist rebel of Nepal joined forces have set out to stand up against their king . King Gyanendra seeks Delhi ‘s assistance for a complete monarchy of the people , claims Mishra (2006 . The king has been in Nepal for longer than usual apparently and expects his people to do as he says without resistance This does not open up much room for negotiation . The people of Nepal will indeed need a second plan . Mishra 2006 ) also stated that .the king protestors be shot down if still out past curfew . He set a 9 o ‘clock curfew for the people and they think it ‘s a way to hide his fear

One ethical dilemma with having a freedom of speech policy is when it is too much for the government to control . Then the ability to control sometimes will overthrow the wrong and right way to morally structure a society . Some rulers are just looking to keep the people in and the easiest way to do so


Mishra , Rabindra (April 2006 . Rumors fly on Nepal king ‘s Delhi trip April 8 , 2006

HYPERLINK “http /newsvote .bbc .co .uk /mpapps /pagetools /print /news .bbc .co .uk /2 /hi /so uth_asia /4117375 .stm http /newsvote .bbc .co .uk /mpapps /pagetools /print /news .bbc .co .uk /2 /hi /sou th_asia /4117375 .stm



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