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Running Head : Cryogenics

Title : Cryogenics Cryogenics


Cryogenics refers to the branches of physics and engineering that study very low temperatures , how to produce them , and how materials behave at those temperatures . Cryogenics is all about temperatures below -150 ?C or 123 K . One of the most amazing applications of cryogenic processing is cryonics : where the human body is exposed to cryogenic treatment in to preserve it after death . In the United States of America , there are , currently , two organizations that offer cryogenic treatment for human bodies : The Cryonics Institute [banner_entry_middle]

in Clinton Township , Michigan and Alcor in Scottsdale , Arizona . Once death sets in , the patient ‘s bodies are preserved in chemicals designed to theoretically protect cellular structure , before being lowered into steel tubes of liquid nitrogen called dewars . Here they will be kept in `cold storage ‘ at – 196 ?C in the hope that someday in the future they may be brought back to life There are currently 147 people in cryogenic suspension , with another 1 ,000 members signed up for the deep freeze

History of Human Cryogenics

In 1940 , pioneer biologist Basil Luyet published a work titled “Life and Death at Low Temperatures ” in which he observed that while many organisms underwent serious damages at very low temperatures . However in some cases , he reported that he managed to restore normal function when organisms were rewarmed after freezing . Luyet ‘s work led to a whole new area of science called cryobiology . British scientists found that by soaking cells in a solution of glycerol , red blood cells and bull semen could be frozen and then their functions could be completely restored on rewarming . The main discovery is that through human cryogenics , life can , in fact , be stopped and restarted under controlled conditions . In the United States , Robert Ettinger through his book The Prospect of Immortality (1964 ) promoted the idea that a person frozen after legal death might rationally hope to be resuscitated at some time in the far future when medicine has advanced enough to cure most diseases , reverse the aging process , and repair any residual damage caused by freezing (Klein , 2004 . This came to be known as Ettinger ‘s concept . Many scientists shun the idea of manipulating life and death conditions of the body and hence there has not been much progress in this field since the 1960s . Cryonics is an unproven theory . There are scientific obstacles that , some would say , are insurmountable . One of the success stories in this realm is that of Gregory Fahy and his team . They have succeeded in cryopreserving a rabbit kidney , reversed the procedure and successfully re-implanted it without losing the ability to sustain the life of the recipient (Fahy , 2006

Challenges in Cryonics

Cryonic aspirants may choose to have their entire body stored or only their head frozen . The thinking behind the latter option is that an old person would not want to come back alive in his old body . Cryonics is an expensive option . Alcor currently charges the equivalent of ?80 ,000… [banner_entry_footer]

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