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Culteral Diversity and Compliance

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Cultural Diversity and Noncompliance Cultural Diversity 2


The core idea of this article is from the Spirit catches you and you fall down ‘ by Anne Fadiman , which discusses cultural diversity and noncompliance in healthcare . The main objectives of this are to describe the issues that a health professional should consider while suggesting the different ways of treatment to different culture people . The key focus on the subject is whether noncompliance can be considered as a power over other . It tells about [banner_entry_middle]

the common motives of noncompliance and provides a new approach towards noncompliant behavior and efficient strategies in dealing with noncompliant patients due to cultural communication barriers

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Cultural Diversity and Noncompliance

The literal meaning of compliance is obedience and when it is discussed in terms of a patient , it says that a patient must fall in the line of a health professional ‘s suggestion regarding his treatment (Roberson Mildred H . B , 1992 . Some studies recommend that patients and health professionals both have different classifications of compliance and also they have different objectives of treatment . According to patients compliance is gaining good health ‘ and they go for such kind of treatments , which are useful from their point of view . Hence , they build up a method of self- management that matches with their way of life convictions and their own precedence . And health professionals consider them noncompliant due to not being in the parentheses of normal (Roberson , Mildred H . B , 1992

Before discussing the idea whether compliance is culturally bound , one should first understand what is culture ? Culture is that system in which a group of people unconsciously learns some typical behavior that can be passed on to the next generation . Culture has some principles for proper behavior . The main goal of it is to outline one ‘s bond with family friends and neighbors . It also gives form to one ‘s political , economic and religious bodies . Mainly , it forms one ‘s convictions about illness and health with causes of disease , the ways of their diagnosis and suitable plans for their treatment (Warner , Miriam E , Mochel , Marilyn 1998

This question , whether compliance is culturally bound , draws everybody ‘s attention . In culture , non- material part is called religion . Religion authorizes the culture and the way of life of people in society . It gives the clarifications of the misshapenness to people in a society like : death , sickness and some other accidents . It shapes peoples convictions about health

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and illness plus approval of their beliefs in the treatment of any illness as well as their diagnosis . It can be seen that religion ‘s presence has become very important in the society and almost everything related to the people in a society is affected by religion (Warner Miriam E , Mochel , Marilyn , 1998 . Therefore , compliance is also influenced by religion

Sometimes quick social and cultural change also force people not to leave their own beliefs because it is very difficult for them to adapt… [banner_entry_footer]

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