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Starbucks began as a coffee importing and roasting company in 1971 Since 1987 , the company has expanded at an astonishing rate . America was ready for the third place provided by Starbucks . In 1987 , Starbucks opened its first store outside of the State of Washington . Over the next eight years , the company spread throughout North America before opening its first overseas location in Japan . The company continues to open new stores at an impressive rate . 1 ,500 new stores have been planned for 2006 . Starbucks has also grown [banner_entry_middle]

through licensing relationships and by offering bottled drinks and bags of coffee for sale in grocery stores (Corporate Website

It has zoomed up as one of the best companies globally . It shall also examine some of the visual representations of the place so that an overall impression is generated . It shall delve into the purpose of the kinds of representations it chooses to represent the group and analyze how this culturally represents the community where it is situated

The Workplace

Visual images are natural means to enhance learning . Things become clear as vision plays a vital role in communication , since more than 60 percent of communication consists of nonverbal , visual cues . This will tackle Starbucks and look into the site ‘s sense of place ‘ and the effect this ambience has on the people who visit the place Starbucks purchases and roasts high-quality whole bean coffees and sells them along with fresh , rich-brewed , Italian-style espresso beverages , a variety of pastries and confections , and coffee-related accessories and equipment , through its company operated retail stores . In addition to sales through its company-operated retail stores , it sells primarily whole bean coffees through a specialty sales group , a direct response business , supermarkets , and online at Starbucks .com

I . Visual materials

At Starbucks , there are certain objects which act as symbols or representations that have come to be generally accepted as standing for or representing something more than what it is there for (Vander , Zanden 1993 . Usually this is an idea or something abstract . In Starbucks case , it is the smell of coffee that fills the air with the coffee smell that stimulates people to buy more , relax and savor the classy atmosphere

The coffee beans , brochures and CD purchased from the store are also objects that represent the outlet to everyone . People can get coffee mug with their personalized pictures on it . The displayed objects are powerful code or shorthand for representing and dealing with aspects of the corporate world (Hewitt , 1994 . The significance of symbols as socializing mechanisms lies in the attitudes they conjure up and the accompanying behavior they stimulate . The space of the outlet is comfortably arranged with several sofa and chairs arranged to accommodate groups of people coming in the place . There is a sense of harmony in the layout and arrangement , which relaxes customers

According to anthropology professor Leslie White (1960 , All culture (civilization ) depends upon the symbol . Much as we would like to think so , energy… [banner_entry_footer]



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