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Cultural Studies

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Both the movie Fight Club and the television show COPS serve a cultural function in our society because our society has an appetite for violence in controlled settings . These two things are popular for the same reasons why things like the Ultimate Fighting Championship and professional wrestling are popular . The violence in these two things are different from one another because Fight Club , while much more graphic and disturbing than Cops , is also fiction . The events are being played out by actors and if these actions were being committed in real life and [banner_entry_middle]

br shown on TV , they probably would not be tolerated by society . COPS is a reality show where the actions are actually occurring , but it is not as graphic and the violence is minimal . The popularity of both of these things helps to confirm that myth that men enjoy violence in a controlled setting . Watching violence is a form of entertainment that has been around throughout history and is especially appealing to men because it brings out primitive emotion within them . The reasons why COPS is accepted by mainstream society and Fight Club is accused of being morally bankrupt and socially irresponsible are that COPS follows police officers , who are generally viewed as being the good guys ‘ and it shows them catching criminals in the act , while Fight Club glamorizes illegal activities . The violence in Fight Club is also much more graphic and blatant , so it contains more visual reasons for people to complain about . There is no reason , however , so censor violent behavior because it is something that has deep roots in society . The Romans would sentence their criminals to fight the lions and hanging in the wild west were a public spectical . This means that violent behavior will not go away by simply censoring movies and television programs because it is a part of human nature . School aged children who have never heard of Fight Club will still gather around if there happens to be a schoolyard fight which shows that censorship is not the answer . It is not the glamorization of violence that makes it appealing to society , but rather the primal entertainment value that it has always had as a part of human nature… [banner_entry_footer]

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