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Culture Diversity

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Whites of European descent

By now , people have realized that assimilation had never and that there was no melting pot ‘ as indicated by neighborhoods and groups that continued to speak their home languages , celebrate their unique cultural festivals , and maintain their cultural habits (such as eating certain foods . The contributions of different cultural and ethnic groups were increasingly recognized , and leaders began to realize that some educational practices aimed at assimilation were actually counterproductive . For example , in an effort to encourage speaking English , companies might not allow employees to speak Spanish , even [banner_entry_middle]

on break time . With this , the workplace becomes a hostile place where people had to choose between family and friends , and school . This policy probably did as much to alienate Hispanic people as it did to encourage English language development

3 . In your opinion , are stereotypes in the media assisting or detracting from the cause of diversity and /or assimilation ? In your opinion , what is the effect of media portrayal on promoting diversity consciousness in the workplace

Right now , the media has toned down on having stereotypes and they had inculcated diversity as one of their considerations . In the past , the stereotypes that media portray is definitely detracting diversity because when a Black or Hispanic child sees a White woman being characterized as beautiful , they would think that because they are not White , they could not be beautiful . The media has a pivotal role in spreading the concept of diversity to people because it is a vehicle for information and knowledge . When media presents a wrong or inaccurate notion to people , this action could have a detrimental effect on the populace . By recognizing and accepting diversity , the media should communicate that all people are valued and represented accordingly . This is particularly important for cultural minorities , who sometimes feel… [banner_entry_footer]

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