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Culture Study of an ESOL Population

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ESOL Populations : Chinese Culture

Before examining the Chinese culture , it is necessary to underline that cultural knowledge is of great importance for contemporary society because in the global world it is necessary to set friendly relations and working contacts . And it is knowledge of other cultures that helps to improve interpersonal communication . Therefore the guidelines of the are to provide relevant information concerning communication styles , family interactions and other elements that constitute the Chinese culture

It is a matter of fact that China is one of the larges countries in the [banner_entry_middle]

br world following USA and Russia . China is known to be the birth place of ancient civilization and culture . In the late 20th century , China has been affected by western elements , especially it was influenced by pop culture . For example , nowadays American cinema , music and arts are very popular as well as Chinese youth prefers to gather late at nights visiting discos and bars . It is seen that every culture is influenced by modern trends and by other cultures . Brand names and slang are incorporating more western elements . It is known that Chinese culture was also affected by Confucianism which was the official philosophy throughout China ‘s history (Country ‘s Pro

Concerning official language , most Chinese speak Chinese language and the native local dialect Standard Mandarin . Nevertheless , many local dialects exist in the country and are spoken by Chinese emigrants , in Macau and in Hong Kong . Ethnic minorities are also present in the country and they speak languages related to their countries , for example , Turkey , Thailand , Russian , English , etc . It is seen that cultural diversity is represented in China (Hodge 1998

Family life is considered the basis of Chinese culture , especially extended families , when several generations are living together in one house . It is partly because of financial problems and tradition Actually family members prefer to live close and to take care of each other . Children , who are still unmarried , remain at home until they are provided with their own apartments or until marriage . The elder generation is respected for their wisdom and usually they are provided with good pensions compared with that in other countries . It is important to know that Chinese family members tend to work as a team living under one roof as it is mentioned above . The family welfare is contributed by every family member , either young or elder (Country ‘s Pro

It is known that women ‘s status has been significantly changed after establishment of communism . Earlier Chinese women were expected to be submissive , calm and delicate . Nowadays they are provided with equal rights and equal protection with men . Women prefer to work outside and they are allowed to occupy manly jobs . In private life , women are equal partners however they are busy with cooking and housework as usual . The younger generations may show respect for the elders by offering a tea ceremony which is highly popular in China (Country ‘s Pro

Communication style of Chinese people is outwardly restrained . In general they are… [banner_entry_footer]

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