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Culture Study of an ESOL Population

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Cuban Culture

Cuban culture is known to be very expressive and vivid , because it inherited the mixture of Spanish and African cultures . Therefore Cuban culture is sometimes referred to as melting point ‘ of cultures

Firstly it is necessary to underline that interactions between parents and children are really special , because the family is the most important in their lives and very often several generations are living together in the same house . It is partly to economic situation and traditions . Therefore interactions in the family are friendly and open Children display respect [banner_entry_middle]

to elder generations as well as for teachers in schools . Nevertheless , it is common for them to refer to teachers by their first names . They use Senor ‘ only when addressing a foreigner with a higher social rank (Cultural Information 2006

Concerning communications styles it is known that Cubans prefer to stand very close in informal situations , especially in line-up or crowd However , in formal situations they tend to keep a distance of approximately two feet . Cubans are fond of eye contact considering it a sign of sincerity . It is apparent that Cubans communicate making lots of gestures and they are able to maintain the communication process even without speaking . The most popular nonverbal gestures used are wrinkling nose asking in such a way What did you just say ‘ and pointing a index finger meaning I am referring to a person of color . Actually it is very important to learn all the gestures and their meanings (Cultural Information 2006

Cubans always use gestures as well as facial expression to emphasize and to illustrate something . Especially they speak in a very loud voice Their emotions are displayed in an open manner and in public . Display of affection is accepted whereas display of anger and negative emotions in public is considered negative behavior and is strongly criticized Exaggerated manners are a part of Cuban culture however it is not accepted as good social pattern of behavior . Cubans tend to be very expressive . Concerning nonverbal communication it is necessary also to mention shaking hands with both women and men and giving a kiss (Cultural Information 2006

Cubans ‘ communication style is very loud and direct compared with used in USA , England , Canada and other countries , but such style is not offensive . In such a way Cuban express their personality . Often Cuban may refer to even to unknown people with affectionate phrases such as sweetheart (mi amor . Light-hearted humor is appreciated , whereas sarcasm is not . Cubans are known for their sense of humor and very often their jokes refer to social and political situations in the country Nevertheless , they won ‘t discuss government with unknown people , because their socialism system doesn ‘t allow freedom of expressions and they are afraid of becoming enemies of the government (Cultural Information 2006

Cubans prefer to dress more informally compared with other states in Latin America because of scarcity of imported clothing . For example , men rarely wear formal suits . Nevertheless , if the occasion is formal they will wear guayabera… [banner_entry_footer]

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