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Current special education programs provided within our school system.

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Special Education Programs in the US

Where to Go From Here

There are many things that are unique in America . The land is a melting pot of cultures and yet its citizens find a way to live together without starting a war every other decade . It is a wonder how such a huge land mass can be ruled not by a dictator but by a President that could be booted out of office every four years if the public so desires

The word freedom ‘ evokes a different meaning – perhaps a richer meaning [banner_entry_middle]

– when one is inside the United States of America . There is that healthy tension between the need to see the rule of law prosper and at the same time an eagerness to challenge restrictions every time the citizen ‘s sense of freedom is being challenged

Historians and other social scientists would argue that all of these are due to a history that is also like no other . And here is a little review : America was founded by those who yearn for freedom not only for themselves but to see it experienced by others as well irregardless of race , status , and religious convictions . That was unheard of during those times

The experience with the British Empire and the successful revolution that earned independence made an indelible mark in American society This in turn became a guiding philosophy . And today one can see that philosophy at work in the legislation of laws , formulation of policies in the national and local levels and the overall mindset of the people One of the areas of society that was forever affected by the idea of freedom and the sensitivity to the right of others is the American School System . It has to be said that the path to maturity was never a smooth and easy road . One has only to recall that not so long ago schools were segregated . But since then , the same ideals of freedom equality and respect for human rights has echoed in the halls of US schools and the legislative branch of government

It is therefore not surprising that along with the development of education the concept called special education was integrated into the journey towards progress . It was the right thing to do back then and still is the best course . But it seems many are beginning to question the wisdom of having to spend a lot of money and allocate significant amount of resources for special education . Those in opposition to the special education in general may perhaps be coming from those whose children are not suffering from any form of disability or handicap Other minor yet critical voices against said special program may be coming from those who just want to question the current practice of resource allocation when it comes to special education . The rest may even be objecting to the current phenomenon of increasing number of children needing special education . This study will try to explore this issue and try to find out what… [banner_entry_footer]

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