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customer always right

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Customer is Always Right

Customer is the King , but he is not God . Customer need not always be right , yet it is our obligation to serve the customer to the best of our ability . The saying Customer is always right ‘ is only meaningful in a broader , educative or exhortative sense , rather than in a literal descriptive sense . The customer-is-always-right attitude is similar to positive thinking , in that it is more a way of looking at things than a factual account based on observation . As service personnel , we are encouraged to see the [banner_entry_middle]

rightness of the customer ‘s point of view , and oblige his or her demands as far as reasonability permits . But sometimes customers can be frustratingly unreasonable . At times they can even deliberately lie and try to cheat , at other times they could be obviously taking out completely unrelated frustrations on us (Verghis 2006 ,

.4 . Customers come in all varieties , the good , the bad and the ugly . Naturally some of them would not be very likeable , and yet we are beholden to respect them , be patient , polite and understanding with them to a surprisingly great extent

The customer-is-always-right philosophy urges us to put ourselves in the shoes of customers , empathize with them – however , sometimes no matter how hard we may try to accommodate ourselves to the customer ‘s needs the shoes could prove too unbearably tight on our feet , in which case we are left with no option but to politely return the shoes to the customer and send them off . As a simple example , if you are working at McDonald ‘s and a customer comes in and asks for lobster and champagne , you can try to persuade the customer that though these things are not available other very scrumptious eatables are ready to be served . If the customer still insists on having his own lobster and champagne , you have no alternative but to show the way out to the customer . You cannot let yourself adhere to the customer-is-always-right maxim fanatically , and go out of your way to your customer at all costs , as by fetching the requested items from the neighborhood restaurant by yourself . We would like to treat our customer as if he is the king , but there are limits . The customer is always right – this is our ardent belief . Yet we should be loose and flexible enough to be able to look reality in face , even when it sometimes stretches itself out of our belief framework

Customers need not only be always right , they could be outright wrong they could even be trying to take unfair advantage of you and your business , just in the manner there are businesses which would try to cheat their customers to make a little extra profit . After all , it is only human beings that are present on the either side of the counter and human beings by their very nature are devious and self-serving However , to the extent we are honest , sincere , and considerate , it falls within our… [banner_entry_footer]

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