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Dangerous habits of drivers today.

March 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in biology, life sciences

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Driving Isn ‘t Child ‘s Play

When I was about ten years old , my best friend , Ricky , broke my nose with a baseball , and I learned a pretty decent lesson about force . We ‘d found an old pitch-back tucked away in the garage , so we decided to take turns : one of us pitching , and the other calling balls and strikes . If the concept of the pitch-back is foreign to you , here ‘s the way it works : it [banner_entry_middle]

‘s a square , metal frame that ‘s about three feet wide by three feet tall , and it ‘s propped up by legs that open much like half of a ladder . to the frame is rubber netting that ‘s stretched tightly and has a strike zone painted on it . The idea is that a single person can practice throwing a ball at the pitch-back because the ball will bounce off the netting and come right back at the thrower . It ‘s a great idea , but not the best thing to crouch behind feeling as if you are protected from the force of the ball hitting the netting , extending the netting backward (into a nose , and then bouncing that ball back to the thrower . Today , a lot of drivers are a bit like two kids with a pitch-back : they do things that seem reasonable , but they don ‘t think about what could go wrong or what might happen if something does . There is one big difference : the force of a baseball thrown by a ten-year-old is nowhere near as dangerous as the force of an automobile speeding down the highway

A 2003 survey conducted by CNN revealed that 90 percent of drivers admitted to engaging in risky behavior ‘ which means the roadway is a pretty dangerous place ( Poll . Each morning on my way to school , I pass many of the same people , one of whom is a woman who spends part of her drive applying her make up . Imagine a person operating a car with the driver ‘s visor down , the majority of her attention focused on her reflection in the lighted , vanity mirror , one hand on the steering wheel , the other holding a mascara brush . The traffic is stop-and-go and I ‘ve often watched as she edges perilously close to the rear end of the vehicle in front of her , unaware of the situation because her eyes are trained on the vanity mirror , and she is concentrating on the application of mascara . Truthfully , if she were to connect with the rear bumper of the car in front of her , she ‘d probably get the worst of it : not only would the accident be her fault , but chances are good she ‘d end up with a serious eye injury . The problem is drivers like this believe they are capable of keeping one eye on the road and the other on their activity , and it simply doesn ‘t occur to them that… [banner_entry_footer]

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