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Data Security and Privacy

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Data Security and Privacy

This is about the privacy implications of new communications or media technologies and services . One of the aims of this research is to know the basic security principles of some of the rising businesses especially in the information technology industry against cyber-threats or even cyber terrorism . This study is important because as the new media give rise to new technological advances , threats cannot be avoided . That is the reason for creating such principles to detect or even fight terrorism and related cases , and that is what this is [banner_entry_middle]

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When discussing about new media , that includes wireless communications and Internet technology . The past few years , the technological realm , as well as privacy has been changing from one phase to another and can be appalling and appealing , even dangerous in some sense . One of the major effects of technology is that it is now simpler to merge databases Personal information consistently flows across restrictions . Also computer networking offers the basis for innovative cohort of new communications media . For instance , the analog telephone system , privacy concerns such as the abuse of records of subscribers ‘ calls and wiretapping were fundamentally bound by the system ‘s architecture . The Internet and other advanced forms of media like online services can confine in depth information about their users in a digital way . The digital technology also amplifies the competence of the authorities to observe communications and the capability of subscribers in protecting them . Simultaneously , the new media have presented the technical basis for a new community . The Internet has been used to systematize technologists and privacy activists , themselves , transmit information and utilize software directly . Even low-cost electronic mail alerts have been employed in campaigns in opposition to customer databases wiretapping , and government schemes in controlling contact to strong cryptography . The small group of public sphere became a large group of individuals in connection to public-policy concerns , that means a larger participation of the public has offered the new technological advances its way for a dominant representational importance . Generally , defining privacy becomes a challenge , as the deficiency of adequate definition has been the problem of its history . There is a need of deeper understanding of the concept in to support policy prescriptions

One of the privacy principles that have been created is the CNID that to some extent is deceptively known as Caller ID . CNID is explained as a device of a switching system , which conveys a caller ‘s telephone number to the telephone being called , that is the recipient ‘s telephone might display the number or use it to a database . With this mechanism conflicting privacy interests may be affected for instance , the caller ‘s right to avoid revealing personal information and the recipient ‘s right to diminish unnecessary interruptions by declining to answer calls from certain numbers . In considering these , CNID systems developed an item called blocking options . Callers who do not want to give out their number can use the blocking or if they are… [banner_entry_footer]

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