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Data Warehousing

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Data Warehousing

I . Introduction

Nowadays , computers have played important roles in business and for personal use such as the automation of a number of routine tasks monitoring accounts , processing payroll or taking care of inventory management . Some recent developments such as ERP allow business to integrate a number of operations taking place throughout the organization and for the presentation of current data . This data is beneficial in operational decision making , such as ing of raw [banner_entry_middle]

br materials or arranging for additional cash requirements

Data in traditional systems cannot effectively make tactical and strategic decisions . This is because the process used to arrive at such decisions cannot easily put down in a simple formula or a neat computer program . Similarly , making such decisions without adequate data is extremely difficult

Fortunately , there are systems that address this problem and assist human in conducting suitable decision-making . The underlying idea backs up these systems is simple as it organizes the data in various forms then it is processed and presented to human beings in a way that simplifies decision-making

This type of system is known as a Decision Support System . Generally Decision Support Systems appear in either data warehousing systems or data mining system . Data warehousing systems provide the basic or summarized data of a similar situation that has appeared in the past Relatively little analysis is performed with the data , though analysis tools are often provided . Data mining , on the other hand , involves extensive analysis of data for detecting patterns

Nowadays , the use of data warehousing has reached the world of commerce because market share , profitability and enhancement of revenues are mission-critical objectives that demand appropriate data warehousing appplication . In becoming part of the business establishment , data warehousing has lowered the cost of information and greatly shortened the amount of time required to access that information

II . about Data Warehousing

II .1 . What Is Data Warehousing

A data warehouse is a computer system , which is designed to give decision makers instant accesses to information . The warehouse copies data from existing systems like entry , general ledger , and human resources and further stores it for the benefits of a company ‘s management rather than programmers . Data warehouse users use special software that allows them to create and access information when they need it , as opposed to a reporting schedule defined by the information systems (IS ) department

Data warehouses are also beneficial to help the managements to analyze data . For example , to learn more about our company ‘s sales data , they can build a warehouse that concentrates on sales . Using this warehouse they can answer questions like Who was our best customer for this item last year ‘ This capability to create a data warehouse by subject , like sales data , makes the data warehouse becomes subject-oriented application

II .2 . Benefits of Using Data Warehousing

The primary benefit of data warehouses is the improved decisions making This intangible benefit presumes that managers will change their… [banner_entry_footer]

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