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`Deadbeat dads:` irresonsible parents or political scapegoats?

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Analysis of the Deadbeat Dad Policies and the Situation in New Jersey


Analysis of the Deadbeat Dad Policies and the Situation in New Jersey

Children are the purest gifts of nature . Their minds are like blank s . They are not just small people . They are developmentally different from adults and therefore deserve specialized treatment Children need to be supplied with the tools for learning and proper development . They deserve the right to be provided with adequate support for upbringing and nourishment . But all parents do not [banner_entry_middle]

realize that . In our society , there are children who are born our of wedlock . More than half of the marriages as well , end up in divorce . Consequently , a large number of children are forced to either live with single parent or with adopted parent or even without parental care at all . The government thus had to regulate the issue thereby forcing the legal parents to support their children . However that is not happening much of the time in today ‘s world

Nearly 15 million fathers in the United States do not live with their children . After a divorce , the children usually stay with mothers Fathers are socially cut off from the family but they are still bound to bear the expenses incurred on the children . It is however estimated that two third of these fathers do not pay the formal child support . Society is rightly concerned about the widespread failure of absent fathers to contribute to their children ‘s support . And a variety of recent policy initiatives are strengthening the enforcement tools necessary to ensure that deadbeat dads ‘ are identified and required to fulfil their child support responsibilities (Corsi 107

This essay will analyze the concept of deadbeat dads , and will evaluate the situation related to this aspect in New Jersey . The will first describe the welfare reforms and child support , followed by explanation of the term `deadbeat dads ‘ The will also explore the policy and law on this aspect , how to find the deadbeat dads , and few alternatives before scrutinizing the situation in New Jersey

Welfare Reforms and Child Support

From the ethical as well as legal perspectives , every child is entitled to support from his parents . All parents , whether natural or adoptive have a financial obligation to support their child . This mandatory legal binding continues even if the parents have divorced . The requirement is same in the cases of unmarried parents . There can however be circumstances where parents are committed to each other and to their child but they are faced with various problems for creating and maintaining a stable family structure due to low education and job skills , lack of jobs , and poor relationship skills (Elaine 86-89 . In such case the government is responsible to provide all necessary assistance and encourage family values and social responsibilities . On the other hand , there may be scenarios where parents are divorced or unwilling to take care of their child . While considering the custody of a child , the… [banner_entry_footer]

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