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Descriptive essay in which you apply the 4 steps of analysis to Francisco Goya`s The Third of May

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Descriptive Essay of Goya ‘s The Third of May

Pg .1 Fransico de Goya ‘s classic painting The Executions of the

Third of May , 1814-1815 is found on Page 433 in Fransico de Goya ‘s

Paintings archives . The painting was created in 1814 as a reminder of

the events that took place during the Napoleon Wars in Madrid , Spain on

May 2nd and 3rd in 1808 . It depicts the execution of the masses of Spain countrymen by French soldiers in an oil on canvas 8 ‘9 ‘ x 13 ‘4

The scene shows a [banner_entry_middle]

man who is shown about to be killed by a

firing squad . The bodies of the other men already killed are scattered

around him as well as those waiting to be killed stand in line behind

him all against a ghost-like city , carried out by the bright yellow

light of a large lamp . In the cover of night , the ground is covered

with spilled blood from those who have already been killed . The

background sky is black , with an outline of an convent found on the

horizon expressing his belief that no good comes from war The eight plus soldiers faces are turned away from view as

they fire at a group of Spanish countrymen . The viewers eyes is drawn

to the central figure who is a desperate and petrified Spanish man

wearing a white shirt with his arms spread out to the soldiers

cognizant of his fate shows the horror of the event . You can see

piercing in the palms of his hands if you look very closely . He is

surrounded by seven men with various stages of emotions . Some of the

soldiers have their eyes covered , others are in prayer while one covers

his ears The viewer can find a monk praying among this group that

frames the center character . There is a pile of dead bodies in front of

this group of men . Three dead men lay in their own pool of blood that

covers the men and flows to the center of the composition . You can see

Descriptive Essay of Goya ‘s The Third of May

Pg .2 one of dead has fallen under fire from the French Soldiers . The dead

body is sunk in the mud and blood of the other fallen soldiers with his

arms flung out in front of him . You understand then that he has been

stripped of his identity and is just one of the many corpses that were

thrown on the execution mound . A lantern light shines brightly on the

execution . A church or cathedral is found in the distance . The doomed

men are placed in front of a huge boulder outside the city

Francisco de Goya ‘s genius is his applications of principals

of design , balance , proportions , emphasis , contrast , pattern , unity and repetition . Goya composes utilizing asymmetrical balance with a lack of

symmetry as opposed to a correspondence of opposite parts in size

shape , and position . His use of the colors yellow , red , and green

earth… [banner_entry_footer]

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