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Design and Communication

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Design and Advertising


Design and Advertising

Art and commerce- two concepts which started interacting very often in the modern society . If in the previous centuries they were completely separated , nowadays they are mentioned together more and more often Many years ago painters who painted masterpieces were destined to die in poverty because their talent was not discovered until their death , and they did not know anything about promotion . They did not have a chance to work at advertisement agencies , either , to apply their skills and make some money . The [banner_entry_middle]

modern word has created opportunities to combine art and commerce . More and more often art is applied to serve the interests of commerce

Advertising industry is particularly successful nowadays . Advertising is not part of the dominant culture . It is the dominant culture (Poynor , 2001 ,

.123 . There are many companies seeking to promote their products , and they all need to apply advertising policies in to be successful . Everything is being advertised at present , starting with cans of beans and finishing with pop-star brands . Very few products have managed to be successful in the market without sufficient advertisement than any . Advertising industry is very much connected with commerce therefore it is so profitable . Advertising agencies do not choose what items to advertise according to their benefits to the society . They make decisions about concluding this or that contract according to its profitability . Therefore , such items are cigarettes and alcoholic drinks are being advertised in many countries , even though they are very harmful for people . However , in the commercial world there is no such a word as harm . Anything what can bring profits is worth advertising

How are advertising and design connected ? Do they ever interact or those concepts never come across one another ? There are different points of view of authors on this relation . For example , Poynor states that advertisement and design are the two sides of the same coin . The advertisement is the product itself while design is the shape which is given to the coin . It is clear that the coin cannot exist without the shape . It has its essence , but for it to be a complete product , it needs some shape . The same situation happens with advertisement . It has some essence- a message which is being given to the public . However , it requires to have some shape , which design gives to it . In an essay on the historical relationship of graphic design and advertising in the US Steven Heller argued , unequivocally , that If advertising is the function , then graphic design is the form (Poynor , 2001 ,


There are many forms in which advertisements can be represented , and design plays the major role in giving a correct form to advertisements In to bring the message to the public , it is usually not enough just to show the picture of the product in the screen . This picture has to be designed in some specific way . It has to be very creative in to attract attention . Even… [banner_entry_footer]

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