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Development of new Space Vehicles for Future Space Tourism

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Space travel history

Discussion of space travel needs

Why space tourism

Who would want to go to space

Will it be profitable

Current Space Program

Current technology

Current budget for space program

Problems with current technology

Problems with current technology

Constraints for new technology

Cost of new technology

How could new technology be afforded

New technology in the works

Summary -Space tourism is feasible and new technology is being developed


I propose to show that new space technology [banner_entry_middle]

needs to be developed to enable future space tourism . I will start with an introduction to space travel and a history of space travel . I will be describing the initial flights and the space war between various countries . I will be using two websites to describe this . The first one gives a broad overview of the history of the creation of the rocket . This website talks about the inventors and their theories that allowed space travel to happen . The second website discusses in more detail the actually time line of space travel showing what shuttles reached space first and when this happened

Per my outline , next I plan to show why space tourism is needed . This will be done by describing recent individuals who have gone into space as well as polls that have been taken asking individuals whether they would want to go into space . I will also discuss studies of who would want to go into space and how space tourism could be profitable . For this section I will be using an article that discusses the breakdown of space tourism for passengers , the operator of the tourist group , and the government

After showing a need for space tourism I will move on to explanations of the current space program . This section will include the s of dealing with current technology by describing the current shuttles and their limitations . I will also discuss the problems and solutions with current technology and reasons for space shuttle crashes as well as injuries and sickness caused upon recent astronauts . Finally this section will conclude with an explanation of the budgets the current programs have and why they are this way . For this section I will be using a pertain to the current technology and limitations on the current space programs

Once I have shown the problems with the current space programs I will talk about the cost of new programs and new technology . This section will go into detail about projections of future cost compared to current costs . I will also talk about the issues currently being faced with constraints on the current technology . I will also talk about solutions that are being proposed to avoid injuries /sicknesses and to make space tourism more feasible . This section will also include information about individuals who have gone into space and those who plan to invest in space tourism as entrepreneurs . To this I will be using four different articles that discuss the new technology , the investors who plan to help get space… [banner_entry_footer]

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