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p Introduction

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease that requires long-term medical attention which seeks to limit its complicating and always devastating effects . Moreover , people who have diabetes must not only deal with the expense of maintaining medicine which will limit or control its harmful toll on the body but patients must have to make lifestyle changes in to cope with this debilitating disease Patients with diabetes accounted for 6 .2 percent of the US population in 2002 or 18 .2 million people . In that year , the per capita cost of [banner_entry_middle]

br healthcare for people with diabetes was 13 ,243 and 2560 for people without diabetes (Votey . While statistics may have indicated the rising number of people afflicted with diabetes in the United States , it is surprising that almost a third of those in the statistics are not even aware that they have diabetes . Twenty-one percent of Americans may have a 50-percent chance of contracting diabetes if left unchecked . Diabetes does not recognize any particular race , age and sex to afflict . Thus although diabetes may have a segregation of people afflicted , it nevertheless chooses no one

What is Diabetes

Ideally , after digestion as the food we eat are broken down and converted to glucose , insulin must be present in to facilitate the entry of glucose into our bloodstream and produce the needed energy for growth . Insulin , also called the hunger hormone is the hormone produced by the pancreas which acts as regulator of glucose metabolism in the body . Although the pancreas automatically produces insulin for the body , there are people whose pancreas produces little or no insulin at all . As the glucose builds up in the body , overflowing into the urine and out of the body ‘s system . In the end , the body then loses the fuel needed for growth and energy . Such people have diabetes , a metabolism dis , and one of the leading causes of death and disability in the United States

Diabetes Mellitus is a group of metabolic diss characterized by hyperglycemia or increase in glucose level in body which resulted from defects in insulin secretion or insulin action . If left untreated diabetes will lead to long-term damage and failure of various organs especially the eyes , kidneys , nerves , and blood vessels . Other times amputation is done on patients whose wounds have not healed

As insulin is a very important hormone in for the pancreas to work around the clock , insulin must be present or at a sufficient level in to facilitate the glucose entry into the bloodstreams and to the various parts of the body . For instance , as blood sugar level increases after a carbohydrate rich meal , the corresponding level of insulin rises as well in to lower the corresponding blood sugar level thereby transporting glucose from the blood into the cell to be converted as energy . But when the blood glucose levels are lowered , the insulin released from the pancreas is turned off . Moreover , since the pancreas has a system of auto regulation… [banner_entry_footer]

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