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Digital Photograph Vs. Analog Photograph

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Digital Photograph vs . Analog Photograph

Digital Photograph Vs . Analog Photograph

Digital photo is synthetic branch , which equally can be considered both a version of photographic art , and one of peripheral computer technologies . In comparison with a traditional photo its digital child is very young . If the beginning of a photo can be dated 1839 when the first patents for ways of fixing visual images , apparently , it is possible to count a reference point of a history of a digital photo 1969 – year of the invention chemical film alternative have been received [banner_entry_middle]

Such alternative became created in Bell Labs – new type of the semi-conductor devices , which have received name CCD (Charge Coupled Device – the device with charging connection ) and intended for registration of images in the digital form . Today CCD is widely applied in the diversified devices : scanners , fax machines , digital photos and videocameras and even the telescopes directed to the most removed galaxies (Busch

Fast development of technologies of a digital photo , as well as of some other branches of technics , in many respects is obliged to the military and space programs having good financing and collected the commands of the best experts . Since 60 ‘ and on present time the most serious movers of a digital photo technologies are space program NASA and NAVY . So only one research laboratory of the American Air Forces located on air base Pandale in Florida , annually receives more than billion dollars on development of high-speed methods of digital photographing . Today in an arsenal of this laboratory there are microcircuits for capture and recording of images with a speed 15 Gbit per second , and the cameras developed here allow to film up to one million shots a second (Mitchell

n VGA (640kh480 pixels , has passed 13 years . But then new devices fell down in abundance . In 1995 have appeared VGA-cameras Apple QuickTake 150 and Kodak DC40 with price about 1000 dollars , and at the end of the same year first really successful model – Casio QV100 has emerged . In 1996 on the market has come company Olympus , having marked the occurrence not only interesting high resolution models , but also the concept of the complex approach to the digital photo , the local user infrastructure based on creation : the camera the printer the scanner personal storehouse of photo information . Fast development of the Internet has resulted some companies , such as Kodak , Fuji and Sony , to understanding of necessity to make essential changes to this concept , to transform the user infrastructure from local in really global (edigitalphoto .com

Why digital photo is so attractive to the people ? The most obvious advantage that digital cameras have is that , you not longer need to have traditional film inside the camera . Everything that the camera sees is recorded of some form of digital media . You don ‘t need to go out to the store to purchase film for the camera anymore , it ‘s a nice way to conserve money . Another advantage with the digital camera is that you maybe able to… [banner_entry_footer]

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