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Disagreement Between Me and My Teacher


It is commonly known that disagreement is something that cannot be pushed away . It is something that is usual to everybody ‘s life . Without disagreement people will not know and measure how important one person to others or how things work or does not work . Just like what happen between me and my teacher when I was in my high school , it was a long time ago but still the lessons I learned from it comes with me in my daily life inside my classroom [banner_entry_middle]

. Students and teachers disagreed on what is actually being evaluated when a teacher gives a student a grade (Goulden and Griffin , 1997 . Students are emotionally invested in their grades and can have different emotional reactions to their receipt . For example , a student may feel pride , disappointment , desperation helplessness , humiliation , relief , hatred , resignation , etc . Depending on what attributions are made , students may be more probable to experience a specific emotion . For example , when a grade is negative an internal , firm and controllable cause may illicit feelings of guilt whereas an internal , firm and uncontrollable (for instance , lack of ability ) could cause feelings of shame . On the other hand , an external uncontrollable cause may illicit feelings of disappointment , an unstable cause feelings of uncertainty and external , controllable causes feeling of anger

It was the time when my teacher gave me a bad grade . It was just simple essay writing . My teacher told us to compose an essay with a particular . I happily do the but unfortunately my teacher did not like what I composed and give me a bad grade . Grades are important to me as a student . For me grades are seen as anything from an evaluation of my personal character to an expectation of my future success . I felt angry at that time . I thought that I was not good enough to be her student I felt that I have done my part , my best but still my best is not enough It felt so degrading . A negative grade that is expected is not a joyful occasion for me , but a negative grade that is unexpected is a more disturbing situation . Students usually have an idea of what a fair grade is for the work that they have done . If my expectation of a fair grade is not met , I get very confused and angry . When she is giving me my grade , at that time I had the belief that I was being evaluated on my learning in the classroom . For me as a student that grade in a piece of is a representation of me , of what I have learned in the school . I can not help my self but to confront my teacher for giving me such a bad grade . What was her basis of my grade ? What did I do wrong ? At first I was not being able to speak I do not know where to begin until she spoke and asked… [banner_entry_footer]

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