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Discuss how Oedipus fatal flow bring about his demise

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No management can ignore the environment in which it operates and the success of organizations may depend to a large extent upon their public image (Oden , 1997 . The attitude of management to labor is at the core of the social responsibility of management . In the workplace ethics and social corporate responsibly is a guide to decision-making and fair treatment of employees and consumers

3 . Creativity and innovations is another dimension of the global settings . Oden (1997 ) argues that in today ‘s fast changing competitive environment , organizations must explicitly articulate a strategy to [banner_entry_middle]

br induce innovative activities . They contend that this entrepreneurial activity is necessary for a company to sustain long-term growth Creative application of technology ensures up-to-date techniques and methods of doing business (Hill , Levenhagen , 1995 . Creativity requires different talents than the companies have been used to , since it is different from the others in which they have succeeded

4 . Keeping cool when the heat is on ‘ should be a slogan of every successful person who wants to compete on the global marketplace . In practice , it is crucial to do nothing but accept events as they are trying to see problems as a trial . In our most private moments , as in our most public ones , our behavior and our values bear the imprint of those movements

Part IV Cultural Values and Ethics

1 . The uniqueness of Americans is found in tastes and priorities of people . Americans are friendly and open hearted people , and very hospitable . They discuss leisure activities and family interests . They are practical people . They enjoy working around their homes and gardens They value home , a good education , and friendship leaving in a multicultural society based on different values and traditions borrowed from their ancestors (Moses , 1995 . America represents a high-tech culture based on new gadgets and innovations that… [banner_entry_footer]

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