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Discuss the importance of Chineseness, nationalism or globalization in one of 6th Generation film.

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The Importance of Globalization in The World

The sixth generation films unveil important problems of modern world new perception of technology and social changes . Jia Zhangke , the director of The World ” describes al issues of globalization and cultural integration faced by Chinese society since 1970s . This film depicts many important questions concerning a self and identity , freedom of choice and limits of this freedom caused by globalization

The film portrays daily life of people , their grievances and struggle with reality they are not satisfied . The events take place in a theme [banner_entry_middle]

park on the outskirts of Beijing . All events are depicted through the lens of a few of the park ‘s staff , including dancer Tao and her boyfriends Taisheng . This film unveils complicated personal relations between people and crucial impact of globalization on everyday life of all the characters limited by their world perception . Past and future rural and urban life , industrial and post-industrial society are the main oppositions faced by new generation (The World , 006

Globalization is the main themes of this film which states that our knowledge of universe is structured , and we are not capable to change these predetermined structures which constrict our reality Globalization can be interpreted as a widening , deepening and speeding up of world-wide interconnections in all aspects of life including cultural and social changes (Lau , 2002

In The World ‘ Jia Zhangke portrays that globalization is an ongoing process resulted in cultural changes and construction of new reality . It means development of the society and world ‘s financial and political activity . Modernization , as a part of globalization , presents opportunities and challenges for all the charcters to interact and interchange with scientific and engineering knowledge . The world park is the best example of globalization joining all parts of the world : Las Vegas and Epcot Center , the Eiffel Tower , the Twin Towers , the Taj Mahal , and St . Mark ‘s Square . Modernization is described and manifested by new line of products that purportedly make everyday living easier than before . On the other hand , globalization leads to disillusion and poor personal relations , lack of communication and loosing hopes , and poverty . Most of the characters have come from rural areas looking for better life but fail to achieve their dreams . The theme of freedom allows Jia Zhangke to develop a special atmosphere of solitude and loneliness . Jia Zhangke communicates freedom at the social moment . On the other hand , Jia Zhangke underlines that globalization leads to adoption of particular foreign traditions . It includes the influences of the religious , family , educational , and social systems of a foreign society . To remain fashionable , many characters including Niu and Xiaowei , Tao and Taisheng have to change their values and norms imitating modern cultures and their customs

Summarizing the findings , Jia Zhangke portrays that globalization is simply the present state of the mankind historical development that has been taking place since the beginning of the XX century . Society can use information technology to design global business organizations linking factories and offices . Globalization of the world… [banner_entry_footer]

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